Is Reliance MLM a fake? Know more about Reliance MLM

Some Report appeared at local news paper of Kerala that Reliance group ( Anil Ambani ) is now capturing MLM (multi-level marketing) market in India. According to that news many people will get quick money from Reliance MLM who will join at initial period. Reliance MLM was scheduled to launch on 11th February 2008, but due to some reason it will launch now at any time.

The Reliance MLM program- According to news paper in this mlm program you have to make 25 people as a customer of Relince mobile and Life insurance. If you will do this you will get a Maruti car. So how Reliance will manage to give you such a big prize?

This may be possible, because in this type of mlm program many people tries to sell product but only few people are able to make a large referral and so only few people are able to get prize and in this way company makes lot of profit without doing anything.

The fact is Reliance have not officially said any thing about it and seems to be a scam. Before involving in any such business try to keep patience and do further only if you will get official information.

The site is also not registered by relience group, so dont belive this link.

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