Is Amway a pyramid Scam for selling products

Today I shocked when one of my friend was trying to sell Amway product Nutrilite soy protein powder to me. He was explaining the benefit of amway products in a same manner as most of scams website explains their stuffs.

I release that he is not much aware of such kind of marketing. He is not able to understand that if amway product is really useful it should be available in all stores even at high price. People will sure buy Amway product from store if it is really useful.

This pyramid method is only adopted to sell useless stuff to people without investing a penny in marketing of these stuff. Even some very intelligent people first time believes in this type of scheme and in the hope of making some extra money they becomes the representative of Amway. Its really horrible to see that people have to waste their time for training and explaining the befit of Amway to general people. Most of the people can not earn more then a penny through this way.

Government should ban this type of scheme in country like India. Poor business infrastructure and low education is a big factor to involve people in amway scheme.

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