IRCTC Ticket Printing errors | Print IRCTC ticket correctly

Many times you may find that it is difficult to print IRCTC Ticket in Correct way. Here are solutions to main problems occurring while your try to make print out of the Railway ticket from IRCTC.

Many time you may find that formatting of the printed ticket is not matching with the paper size. you may miss the seat number in the printed ticket. For this problem you need to set up your printer to A4 size paper, than print. If problem will still occur, just copy the ticket data that appears before print command and paste it to New ‘Word Document’, than print.

To stop wastage of paper because of incorrect IRCTC ticket print, you should set up your printer to print in PDF file, so when you give print command, you will get PDF copy of your ticket, it will be easy to know whether any error exists or not in IRCTC ticket.

If printing formatting error exists in pasted content in word document also, print the ticket in Hindi Option given at IRCTC website while choosing print option.

If for any reason you are not able to print ticket because of printer problem, The ticket will always be available for print as many time as you want in “Booked Ticket History” in IRCTC website.

You also get the ticket data in your email, that you can also print from there.

If nothing works if you travel without paper printout of your ticket, It will cost only Rs 50 as fine, you just need to carry your I card while travelling and you should know your seat number.

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