Inverter and Battery Price Guide in India for Home, Office or Shop use

In India, the power cut is normal in almost everywhere. Use of Inverter and Battery can save you to some extent.

Before purchasing battery and inverter, you should know about your future electricity power requirement. The chosen capacity of battery and inverter depends on the use and power cut duration

1. Battery

Battery is basically stores energy. Is supply DC current. Inverter coverts the DC current to AC current. All the device which can run on AC power can run by battery through Inverter.

Battery capacity is usually given in AH (Ampere hour). Suppose a battery of 12V, capacity 150AH.

You can covert its capacity in Watt- hour (WH) in this way

150 Ah x 12 V = 1,800 Wh.

The meaning is, you can run 1800 watt power for one hour, or 900 watt  for two hour etc from this battery before discharge. in simple word, it can run 2 tube light & 1 fan for around 9 hours.

Price of battery

Exide is popular brand in India for all type of battery.

Exide battery (for use through inverter)  Price (12v, 150AH) –  Rs 7200 Approx.

Luminous Battery (12V, 120 AH)  Price- Rs 5500

Sukam  Battery (12V, 120 AH)  Price- Rs 6700

Amaron  Battery (12V, 120 AH)  Price- Rs 6300

Prestolite  Battery (12V, 120 AH)  Price- Rs 5900

Bosch  Battery (12V, 120 AH)  Price- Rs 6100

Panasonic Battery (12V, 120 AH)  Price- Rs 6600

(Prices may be different from  indicated here)

2. Inverter

Inverter is the device which convert the DC current of the battery to AC current and it supply AC power to different electrical devises. sine wave inverter is costly with respect of  square wave inverter. You should use square wave inverter for general purpose use like for TV, PC, fan, light etc.

VA (Volt ampere) of Inverter is the maximum rate at which it can supply power of battery. 600 VA means it can supply maximum 600 watt power.


Microtek Inverter 600VA (square wave) Price – Rs.3,900/-

Microtek Inverter 800VA(square wave) Price – Rs.5,200/-

Sukam 600VA Inverter (square wave) Price – Rs.4,100/

Videocon Inverter 600 VA (square wave) – Rs. 3,500

Luminous 800 VA (sine wave)- Rs. 9,000

(prices are indicative only, actual price may be different)

UPS is the combination of Battery and inverter in single unit.

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