Install Mobile tracker to track your stolen or lost mobile

I know what happens when our mobile phone stolen by a stranger. In my case I had lost my new mobile samsung wave (it cost 18k) on 29th Dec 2010. I had given complaint in Police station and done all the formalities. But nothing happen. Fortunately my mobile tracker is active. After a day I received a message from my phone indicating my IMEI number and active sim number(the number which is been used by thief). The thief don’t know that my mobile tracker is ON.  After that I traced him “he is using docomo number”. I traced his house and finally cached him and got my mobile back. So just forget your stolen mobile if you are not having Mobile tracker installed. No one helped me, a police men, my vodafone service provider no one. Only my mobile helped me to trace him.

So guys I request you to buy a mobile which have mobile tracker in default or else download the mobile tracker soon after purchasing the smart phone. This will help you in future.

The above is the real experience of Chaitanya from Bangalore.

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