Infosys vs TCS which is better for software job in India

November 7, 2007

Here is the good comparison between Infosys job and TCS job. First know about the working culture at Infosys-


This is what one person of Infosys said -

Training at infy : it is about four and half months, timings from 9 to 5.30 or 5.45 till 12.30 they take the classes and afternoons we are given assignments on that day’s topic and supposed to finish and submit by next day morning 9. Total training is divided into two parts generic for one and half month (general topics 9 modules) and stream specific training (like java or .net or mainframes or opensystesm etc) for 2 and half months. Environment of teaching is really good. Tests are tough and the evaluation procedure is also very strict. We are supposed to get 65% in every test and there is negative marking too. They conduct test on completion of each module.

Infosys training tests are designed for average  people only. The key to success is that “Focus only on the Printed material given to you”. All the asked questions will be from the material.

If you are from a Non CS/IT background then you are put into long cycle. If from CS/IT then you’ll be undergoing fast track training. If some one from CS/IT stream fails in the fast track training, then he will be shifted to Long cycle. He enjoys 1.5 + 3 months of training.

Salary- It is true that wipro’s package is much much better than that of infy. people who got placed in wipro got their package as 27k per month including housing allowance, on the other hand infy people offer only 14k change for their freshers. I have been here in Infy for couple of years now and have sen poeple moving to these above mentioned companies. now today if I ask them, more than 75% people regret their decision.


This is what one person of TCS said-

Training at TCS- Training accommodation is awesome. Properly furnished, tv and fridge, they do provide housekeeping. Every 4 days they change bed sheets and pillow covers, everyday they sweep and every 4-5 days he comes and washes the toilet as well. Earlier tcs tests had 50% cutoff and they were openbook tests and now the tests will be closed book and the cutoff is 65%. Girls actually don’t have have a dress code, actually girls can wear anything salwaar kameez, trousers and top, sari, everything is allowed. Training syllabus-1. soft engg 2. data structure 3. os 4. dbms 5. boot programming 6. unix

Salery- package for off campus B.E/B.TECH is 2.36 lacs per annum and MCA/M.TECH is 2.75 lacs per annum for off campus, It’s against hr policy of TCS to discusses or disclose the salary information in public, be careful guys (who cares!)

TCS or Infosys?- From employee point of view , in most of the criteria like Salary,work culture,work pressure etc all the top companies are same.

In case of work pressure,work culture it depends on your luck, ( project you are getting allocated). In every company you will have simple & tough projects ,friendly & strict managers.But if u ask people, some will tell this company is bad in work culture, work load etc.. if they say then it is thier bad luck on getting allocated to such will find their statements wrong if u discuss with people in few other projects..

Even in case of salary initially it will be higher in one company but you will find the salary of another company higher in second year.That is if you take avg of salary from the time of joining to next 6 yrs all of these top companies will be almost equal.

The only criteria left is the growth potential/fundamental of the company.As you know TCS is ASIA’s No1 It company with projects all over the world and they have signed long term contract from our BSNL to US, European companies so the company will survive even if there is any fall in IT boom.

TCS, IBM or CTS ?- I would say that on the parameters discussed above I find TCS and CTS as 50:50 choice.TCS runs more in a conventional way adopted from TATA manufacturing group.

Positives of this are that you won’t loose your job but negative is that age will always be counted for superiority.Where as CTS is comparatively young organisation and therefore more flambouyant and aggressive in approach from marketing to canteen ..

IBM is no no for me because the weight of IBM logo is too much for it’s indian managment to handle hence employee’s don’t get to work on what they can get in TCS or CTS.

Now if you ask me to choose 1 out of TCS and CTS then I have to vote TCS 51 % as I am employee of it and I feel it is the best that’s why I am here but I am sure if u ask the same question in CTS community then you will get another answer simply because people there think that CTS is the best and that’s why they are there

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Comments (117)

  1. Archit says:

    i want to know what are types of jobs that they provide to freshers in both TCS and infosys. I came to know that they give some 24X7 jobs in which you have to work in night. is it true?
    Also whether these companies take also BSc graduates or only BTecs as i am a BSc (Computer sc) grad.

  2. R Parashar says:

    Good diplomatic comparison, must say!
    Good job, but you can fetch more through updates!!
    The ILP procedure here has changed drastically and is on the move.
    Thanks Anyways.

  3. Rahul says:

    Nice to see honest words. Good luck.

  4. Rohit Trivedi says:

    I want to describe some reasons why infy is more better than TCS

    My bro(From IIT kgp) was an employee of TCS and according to him
    TCS is is like a gov. company coz..
    1.Work culture-exactly like gov
    He had to give 5 application for 3 days leave
    and think abt when one had to go for
    some signature also on them
    2.Low salary
    3.You should follow dilbert’s theory to
    stay there(My bro’s advice).
    4.Late joining for freshers
    from nov-jan
    5.Very low sal. package during training
    6.2yr bond of 50,000

    My friend’s sis also in TCS and she has nothing to do for 4 months after completion of training

    You can say projects are given according to availability but as an employee this is not good!

    At last my bro left TCS after just one year
    loss of 50,000!!

    Some points in favour of Infosys
    1.They provide best training
    Equivalent to B.S.
    2.For freshers joining in july-aug
    3.Salary package during traing is almost
    equal to original sal package
    (I got selected in both TCS &infy in
    my 3rd yr of BE
    4.Myasore campus is one of the best place for
    5.High chances of promotion than in TCS
    Can reach upto 10-13L in 3 years
    6.Has more market capital than TCS(june-2008)
    7.Very good work culture
    8.Bond constrints are quite flexible

    Although both these companies are not good enough for CS/IT students
    Infy is OK for starting your career.


  5. ashesh says:

    thanx alot……
    i got clear
    tcs is definitely better for me…

  6. varaprasad says:

    Is TCS better or INFY better as all matters r considered???

  7. mitesh says:

    Ofcourse Infy no doubts abt it…atleast better than TCS…

  8. Reet says:

    hi…im working in TCS right now..not in technical but management stream.i feel that tcs exploits its employees..makes you “retainer”..i.e a slave….you are not on tcs’ pay wont get any benefit of the company…and your salary would be one fourth of that of an employee..that is..less that even 10k a month…and you would have to work the most…..and than TATAs talk of their values !!

  9. anand says:

    hi,i hav been placed in tcs on this june i am doing my final year will get the offer letter from tcs?..pls provide me info based on the current scenario in the it sector.i hav been impressed with the information about the infy..also pls tell me how can i get into infy off-campus recruitments…

  10. RohitbTrivedi says:

    If hardworking??
    go for infy……..atleast better than TCS,wipro,mbt etc.

    One more news
    infy is now giving insurance of atleats Rs. 300,000

  11. Deepraj says:

    I am working with Infosys since last two years. I think from a freshers perspective Infy would be the best to learn and work…

  12. Madan K says:

    Do provide me with an information about the infy offer letter for those placed in 2008.
    I am doing my final year in Information Technology and was selected by infosys in june-2008 in campus recruitment. But i have not recieved any offer letter or mails from infy. I was told that the offer letters will be provided within 2 months but it has been 4 and a half… no sign of offer letters yet.

  13. ramith says:

    can i know how is the tcs recruitment this year after training???..on what criteria are they tranfering people after trainin

  14. Amit says:

    Can you be more specific to IBM ? You mentioned ….

    IBM is no no for me because the weight of IBM logo is too much for it’s indian managment to handle hence employee’s don’t get to work on what they can get in TCS or CTS.

    … did not quite understand this.

  15. Vishal says:

    I have worked in infy for 2 years, and currently in tcs for 2.5 years now.
    I have gone thru my share of hardships in both these companies, but have been luckier though in TCS, hence I m here till now.
    But frankly, my honest opinion would be..
    As a organization Infy is better than TCS @ any given day..
    - Infy is more professional
    - Support staff like HR, hardware are more efficient.
    - you are treated better by people in Infy than in TCS.
    - more ethical than TCS ofcourse
    - TCS is more like a govt org, which has royally messed up its management to a level of irreparable damage.

  16. Abir Chakraborty says:

    Well, I have gone through almost all of the comments above and it gives me great pleasure to see that the Infy guys are so very obsessed with tcs…it happens…thats explained by the fact that every year we have some 3000 people getting into tcs from infy…tats where the success of tcs lies…Its the largest IT firm in the country and the feelings of those who are not a part of it is actually quite understandable…after all the grapes which you cant reach always tend to be sour .god bless you all…hope you will be in tcs some day.

  17. vinay says:

    Its not a matter of better company.its depend on company environment.if that person can adjust to that environment he likes that company.
    he would like to do there only.thtas it

  18. Kripaa says:

    Yeah..absolutely right..why did they jump to tcs in the first place if the case were so??they could have clued to infy itself..and what I found was TCS has a lower firing rate than Infy..The reason is Infy tests only HR while recruiting (which is comparatively easy to crack) and selects its employees.Whereas TCS tests the Technical, Managerial as well as the HR sides while recruiting its employees which is quite a tough one to handle and get through.So TCS selects employees who as well possess sound technical base along with good soft skills.So why would it lose its employees so easily who have a better quality unlike Infy whose employees are tested only on their soft skills and are fired within no time.IT fields should definitely test the Technical aspects else there is no point.Gettin placed in TCS is definitely a big thing than getting placed in Infy.This one shall definitely make us think….

  19. Kripaa says:

    Yeah..absolutely right..why did they jump to tcs in the first place if the case were so??they could have clued to infy itself..and what I found was TCS has a lower firing rate than Infy..The reason is Infy tests only HR while recruiting (which is comparatively easy to crack) and selects its employees.Whereas TCS tests the Technical, Managerial as well as the HR sides while recruiting its employees which is quite a tough one to handle and get through.So TCS selects employees who as well possess sound technical base along with good soft skills.So why would it lose its employees so easily who have a better quality unlike Infy whose employees are tested only on their soft skills and are fired within no time.IT fields should definitely test the Technical aspects else there is no point.Gettin placed in TCS is definitely a big thing than getting placed in Infy.This one shall definitely make us think….

  20. Sougata Khan says:

    Can anyone tell me if the things taught in training are any different now than what is mentioned -

    1. soft engg 2. data structure 3. os 4. dbms 5. boot programming 6. unix

  21. surya says:

    hey…. can any one give info about Freshers choice of IBM or TCS.I hav got selected for both of these companies.Please give support in favour of ur arguement……waiting for ur suggestions.
    Thank u in advance

  22. RK says:

    1) What is the current grade structure in infy and how is the salary related to the grade structure?

    2) If one is a lateral recruit, what are the things one needs to pay attention during the recruitment process?

  23. TCS Guy says:

    Think twice before joining TCS now. I was hrd core fan of TCS. But, TCS is a huge company and it has become impossible for TCS management to manage the resources. It has become a survival for fittest in TCS. The employees are now wasting more of their time trying to get out the fear about the happening in TCS. There is no productivity. Seniors have managed to keep a good rapo with Management. Hence they are surviing. those in technical or delivery side are sweeting their blood out and the senior managers are taking the fruits.

  24. Anmol Saluja says:

    Hey, i am a 2009 batch BE graduate, recruited in TATA ELXSI. Not yet recieved any sort of notification from the firm, can anyone tell me about the expectations that i should have from the company right now, means DOJ, Pay Scale & bla bla….

  25. I am from 08 batch and currently in TATA ELXSI Tech support team.We are looking very much forward in calling our young recruiters due to overburden in projects.Many firms have asked ELXSI expert solutions for their product support and services..In the mean time prepare yourself for the field of animation 3Ds max,i would say precisely as our training team would not be able to concentrate on each candidate and the trainings would be exhaustive , in fact You could be directly assigned projects if have prior knowledge. Our HR team would contact you in 2-3 weeks…start Packing ..;)

  26. chandra bhanu says:

    is it real that being in infy a person can get to 10-13 lakh in 3 years???
    i didnt know tat n planning for MS in CS just after btech..thought tat u wont get much growth later in INfy or TCS..
    can someone clarify if we really reach upto 10-13 lakh as mentoned by “Rohit Trivedi” in the replies?

  27. An Employee of infosys says:

    That’s not true I mean getting 10-13lakhs in 3 years in infosys is not true.
    What u have take in right decision. It’s good to go for MS then going to TCS or Infosys.
    You people don’t know what is happening internally.
    Many people who have 4 years and more experience don’t have promotions and salary hikes. There were no projects.
    First of all there is no job guaranty and u need to prepare for that, next be prepare to work as slave I mean at night shits, day shifts, 12 to 16 hrs a day and finally company will earn money but no guaranty for employee and his family feature.
    At campus placement they will through job biscuits to students and students feel that there life is settled but true story come into picture only after one year.
    So, please don’t fall into the trap of s/w companies. They were fooling students with their Brands. When you relies the fact you wont be in a position to change or correct it.
    At the age of 30 or 35 years you people wont have the same zeal of learning excitement. So, try to settle in life but don’t race behind the salary and the numbers which you people are dreaming is not true in this recession.
    Even a small businessman can survive happily with a guaranty for his child feature but there is no surety for S/w employee family.

  28. prashanth says:

    does tcs provide any allowance for boy n gal in tcs gettin married ?

  29. deepak says:

    I am placed in TCS through campus interview.I got two offer letters till today.But i can see no signs of joining till today.Can any one clear this mess?

  30. Phaniteja N says:

    anyone plz help me out..
    i got placed in tcs 15 days ago.
    i jus want to work for 2-3 years and then do M.B.A.
    So is tcs a feasible company for me???
    And also help me out by tellin my approx DOJ and salary in training period.

  31. vivek says:

    hi friends i just selected in tcs …… i m a electronics student i want to know wat is my growth their and is any problem that i face in the company………………….

  32. Vineet says:

    Hello friends, I am selected in nsn and Tcs both and has done B.E in EC.I am confused as to which company i should select.Please help me

  33. Kunal says:

    10-13L in 3 years in infy??? Was tht a joke?? I am here for more than 3 yrs and finding it difficult to cross 4L….

  34. Infy Resource says:

    Yeah.. I totally agree with Kunal…same here :( and my salary has not crossed 3.8 yet… working for more than 3 years

    By the way I am presently working in Infy and got selected by TCS and IBM… please guide me where to join for a good career growth.

  35. Depinder says:

    Can reach upto 10-13L in 3 years >>> Joke of the year

  36. Bhabani says:

    Just cracked TCS yesterday ……..It started the campus recruitment ahead of Infy n so it is the 1st company for which i gave a interview n it was cool.

  37. ajit says:

    depinder it is true,after 3 year in tcs now my salary is around 10 lakh

  38. gayathri says:

    now please come to a conclusion!!

    infosys:only aptitude and hr::::
    so wat may be the training is good there!!
    they will get a call letter from the company in july….

    tcs :aptitude,technical,mr,hr:::::same salary
    so wat the freshers are intelligent…
    so they have to wait till january….next year!!!

    i just cant understand…my brother has just got selected in tcs…

    it would b a great pleasure for me if u guyz answer this question properly!

  39. mona says:

    i am in B_tech 4th year and just been selected for both TCS and infy.. i just want to know which one should be better for me to join as a fresher..

  40. gaurav says:

    i am B.Tech final year student and just been placed in TCS. now i heard that TCS give joining very late in NOV and TCS is like a govt org. the rate of growth for individual is low…so i want suggestion what are the other option now i have…what should i do??Waiting for TCS 4 month after completion is Worthfull ? Anyone clear my doubt PLS PLS..

  41. Priyanka says:

    i am in BE(extc), 4th yr.. just got selected for both tcs and infosys. i also want to kno which one wud be best for me to join as a fresher

  42. Mr.X says:

    Can any one tell the complete procedure of Training in TCS for freshers????

  43. kumar bansal says:

    i am B.Tech final year student and just been placed in TCS. now i heard that TCS give joining very late in NOV and TCS is like a govt org. the rate of growth for individual is low…so i want suggestion what are the other option now i have…what should i do??Waiting for TCS 4 month after completion is Worthfull ? Anyone clear my doubt PLS PLS..

  44. Ajay Lal says:

    i am joinning TCS last week as ASE- trainee.
    I feel very lucky to join tcs as they offering a great accomodation for us. They provide world class trainning as their faculties all PHd holder . We also get paid well package.

  45. Ajay Lal says:

    one of my friend join Infosys . he says that the trainning they providing is not good enough.

  46. Ramu Bhaiji says:

    TCS was the first company which came for Campus in my college.I got selected (in early 2008 ,in 6th semester).2 years have passed I have not got my joining yet.Wasted around 7 months waiting for TCS to call me.

    MY ADVICE TO FRESHERS : Don’t get depressed.Work hard , and appear for interviews and examz conducted by other companies and get yourself selected in some other company .

  47. chandra bhanu says:

    @ajit : were u a fresher at the time u joined and joined as a software/system engineer??

  48. Kumar Rohit says:

    I got placed in TCS in december 2009.
    I m a big fan of TCS as it is the biggest software comapany of ASIA. But my freinds are selected in INFOSYS. They are having their internship in mysore in their final semester now.
    This is really helping them a lot in learning many new things.

    I want to know whether the trainig standards in TCS is also as good as INFOSYS??
    Why TCS is not having such intership like infi in the final sem??

  49. t.geetha says:

    i completed mca.i want details is tcs or infosys had a training and placement without campus selections

  50. TCSian says:

    infy is ok ok … tcs is evergreen.. if u have to make a choice choose TCS.. bcoz u love workinging here .. but dont join any local project

  51. Ankit Nagpal says:


    Forget TCS, Infosys etc. Start your own company. like I did after resigning from Microsoft.

  52. sharik anwar says:

    i would like to take traning in your company…….

  53. ankit betala says:

    i am placed in infosys,cts,tcs,accenture,ibm,google,yahoo,microsoft,accenture and wipro.Can anyone suggest me which company to join????
    i feel wipro is the rite choice.reply

  54. kp says:

    U r placed in all the companies….still u r wanting to join WIPRO. will u tell me how u had got job in companies like google,microsoft,yahoo…r u joking with us??? i think u r not a placed/ if u got job only in wipro……r u a joker????

  55. skanth says:

    tcs is crap … had experienced it .. now its ur choice :-)) ?
    decision is no rocket-science

  56. mahesh says:

    hi.. all..
    i Thank u all for all the info.. u gave..

    i was selected by infy last week through campus placements.
    iam an electronics student now in last sem…, its true that infy selcted me only based on analytical and HR skills.. no, technical tests…

    Now.., my big doubt is— will i b able to survive in infy.. :-/ ??
    ..also i want to persue higher studies… scored 77.57 percetile in CAT 2009 (my first attempt wit out prep) so, cant do MBA now. will i b able to do that next year if i join in infy??

    please suggest me wt to do…

    ThanQ all again…

  57. zeeshan says:

    u cant get freedom in any other software company then tcs……………..if u r lookng to work hard and give more time to the company then u are a fool…………work in tcs and and if u r really a laboureous person then go and help ur mom…………

  58. deepak soni says:

    i thought infy is far better then tcs .because of work enviourenment .and as yesterday i faced an interview for tcs ,they asked me about the placement status of infosys and i said yes ..just because of that they told me what are u doing here then in this interview room i think tcs hr was even not sure that i will join tcs because i got selected for infosys ..that things can clear the whole picture that which is better..if u are intelligent u can guess why the hr of tcs was afraid to select me ,,,?

  59. Rohit Trivedi says:

    Hi everybody ,

    I commented on this blog before joining infosys , but after working here for 8 months(i am still getting training although project related)…I would like to make some points as follows…….
    1.I got training(quite hard) in .Net stream and
    they put me in some kind of embedded project
    in which ihave to work in C.I am from CS
    background so no tough deal but i feel my 6
    months wasted.
    2.They didn’t ask us where we want to get
    posted(no employee friendly policies).
    3.My manager and senior people are very good but
    that is not the case with all.
    4.People who are working here for 3 yrs getting
    only 3.9lkhs per annum…no career growth and
    no salary growth….ya knowledge growth for sure
    6.People who are saying that TCS take technical
    interview…is not quite true…in my college
    they told people to just sing a song in
    5.Infosys training is one of the best……and it
    is not that much hard to crack…in my batch of
    100 people almost everyone cleared…but dont
    take it casually….if you will read daily you
    will clear module easily.
    6.My friends who joined TCS gave this feedback:
    a. Very bad accomodation…they had to change
    their rooms 6-7 times in bhuvneshwar.
    b. Got their postings where they wanted.
    c. Didn’t get any knowledge till basic training
    Don’t know about thei project training)
    d. Got joining very late(after 1 yr of
    completion of B.E.)
    e. short duration of training.
    f. They have 30 days of leave per year(not sure
    about this) we have only 15 days
    g. They told TCS is like a govt company.
    (Infosys quite professional although not
    treating well its employees these days)

    So the reason behind high attrition rate is that here people have much knowledge and obviousely the want to convert it into cash.

  60. Konark says:


    Hey , Its gud that u were selected for TCS and NSN, well in My point of view you would have to go for NSN. The reasons are plenty of:

    First of all , I have done M.Tech in Electronics and Telecommuniction and working with TCS.The work culture is gud here however you feel like u r the few people among EC background who joined IT company.

    Secondly , you need to compete more than your CS colleague. while If you look for NSN, it majorly deals with EC domain so i starting you wont feel aloof from your peers.

    The major advantage of NSN is dat , the company is globally recognised in development while TCS is globally recognised in providing the end services.
    Well, further if you wanna any clarification for your decision than do mail me at

  61. Konark says:


    Deepak Soni

    Hey Dipak, Its your thinking that TCS HR was afraid of taking You. Actually, for HR u has been selected in INFY means if they select u then either u join TCS or infy.

    Men the HR thinks like that if u didnt join then why they give u the chance, why not they give a chance to other fellow who still not have any offer in his/her hand.

    U still an Ongoing fresher who don’t know the HR Strategies so don’t judge the company with HR

  62. Konark says:



    Hello, Geetha , Well yes TCS do have a provision for requirting without campus.

    You need to upload your profile under TCS Carrer section.

    Under that there’s an option about opportunity for Fresh College Graduate , u need to select applying through offcampus and fill out the form.

    Afterward TCS takes care of other things.

  63. JATIN says:

    I have been placed in both infosys and tcs
    please suggest me which company to be joined?
    m an average student but i can work hard acc to the conditions.
    i dont want much pressure but i want my growth. i m very confused. please suggest me. m waiting. thanx a lot

  64. dev says:

    infosys has offered 3.25 lacs to 2010 pass out students..what is the actual salary that we will get in hand during training at mysore?? Also there have been rumors that there is a hike in salary for the 2010 freshers…is it true? lastly do you have any idea when 2010 batch from delhi will get joining?

  65. bhavesh says:

    Can any one send me the list of the
    My email id is

  66. Asha Mathew says:

    As far as i know infy s much more better than TCS.. So better go for Infy.. All The Best :-)

  67. vibhas says:

    i got places in tcs. i m frm electrical streem.
    what kind of job they may give? what is growth possibility in tcs?

  68. RRRRR says:

    I have been with tcs since 2005..almost 5 yrs..

    I donot about Infosys..but I can tell about TCS..

    as fresher from non CS background..tcs has given me good thing i can surely tell that all the intial trainings what ever company u undergo is bullshit..
    the only real thing u come to know is when u start your project..that is the gr8 learning..
    about TCS—
    career –depends on the project you get(for me it is excellent)
    hr &matcs–not at all good
    salary–not so good
    workculture or friendly nature–depends on your project
    but onsites in tcs for HARD Working people are good..matc is always hurdle for this..
    promotions–not good
    skill based allowances –NO
    projects–many projects are there
    flixiblty in timings–excellent but depends on ur project
    one thing I am thinking to quit TCS (Not sure)soon after my promotion and i will not go to INFY but i am looking for non Indian compinies..for good ink in my payslip

    last thing–for starting career India company anyhting like tcs or infy or wipro are good.
    so TCS is Good :) it has good and bad..decide yourself

  69. Konark says:


    Well TCS don’t see any difference in CS and Non – CS graduates.Depending upon your performance at Intial Learning Programme(i.e Training) you will get particular Domain.

    Not much to be revail about TCS clients, as every company has their own Policies and being a associate of TCS I just say that TCS has a good clients in Electrical Domain too…..

  70. Konark says:

    Hi Jatin

    Could you elaborate about your goal, because you wrote that you can go for Hard Work and also you do not wanna a pressure…

    Then be sure that pressure comes with hard work.
    Well regarding growth , either you join TCS or Infosys, you would not get any high position within few yrs after joining.. few yrs mean to say 3 – 5 yrs, after that you will get a tremendous rise in your career path

  71. aditya kumar sharma says:

    Sir I have completed 10th semester of five and half year mca course and in the 11th semester i have to undergo six months project training in some good company or in some good institutes. I am really desparate to join some good institute. Please inform me at telephone no 09888395428 or email id

  72. pankaj singh says:

    which one best option tcs or infosys for me
    i am fresher of mca i want to be 6 sem project training pls reply me

  73. sivu says:

    i hav read all those comments..really useful…well i am doing my be in electronics and instrumentation…jus completed my 2nd year..any one suggest wat were the basic things one need to be improved to get placed in software companies.???

  74. KUMAR says:

    iam selected for TCS recently in may 2010. They said that the job is related to ‘IT INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES’. I think i have long time to get into training.

    so anyone please suggest me the technologies i have to learn regarding it….

  75. jagan says:

    hi thank u all for your view’s

    As I am selected for TCS in may 2010.and also it related to IT Infrastructure Services. What exactly the work and growth in this filed would be.I am very much interested in Development side as I am from CS background.And yesterday got selected for Value Labs as a Trainee Software Engineer within 2day’s joining but the thing is the package is Low.

    So friend suggest me what to choose ?

    In future Can I jump into development side in TCS..?

  76. nisha says:

    Can anyone suggest me whether TCS or Honeywell, which is better to join as a MCA fresher..

  77. Challa says:

    TCS is the best company.

  78. parvathy says:

    Read all the comments. i got placed in tcs.
    now can anyone tell me what i must learn before joining? any specific language? please reply.

  79. Soumya says:

    hi am placed in TCS.. and ppl say this year DOJ will be around sept-oct.. Is tat so.. also can i work in mainframes after training.. Will my preference be considered??

  80. Meenakshi says:


    It is my advice to all my friends who have just completed their B.Tech only,,,,,,just start preparing for CAT or GATE and go for masters……now you all are just graduate,,,,,first complete your studies then go for job….i mean its better option than to join in TCS and INFY…….:):)rest is yours choice…….all the very best to all………..


    “infosys”…..the best…..u will never have to hang your head down..u will always be proud to be 1 among the infy family…

    ……….no i dont supprot the above opinion…..have some better work experince in m.n.c that will surely help u for ur management abilities……so go for a 2-3 years work experince and then go for m.b.a

  82. golu says:

    Is there a good careert grwoth in IT INFRASTRUCTURE SEVICES of TCS as I am selected for this profile.

  83. madhu says:

    hello frndz…

    i got placed in INFOSYS and ADP.

    now i am confused to select one among them.i heard both companies are is MNC and other is an indian commpany. iam from CS background.iam a hardworker.technically am above average.

    i heard that ADP is a product oriented if i work for that company i wud certaily get the business knowledge than technical knowledge.

    as a fresher which company wud u prefer me…should i grow technically or just make money now.

    will i get good opportunities if i go out of ADP after 2yrs in technical related projects…

    plz guide me…i want serious can i start my career.
    1)should i develop technical skills by joining INFY.
    2) shuold i start making money with whatever stuff i have now by joining ADP.

  84. Arjun P.L. Aithal says:

    I got selected for IT infrastructure services in tcs in the month of june.I havent received any conformation mail or offer letter from them.Can anyone tell me when ill be getting the offer letter.They told that they will mail the offer letter within 2 weeks but i havnt received a single mail from them.

  85. bodyshoppers_sux says:

    Infosys , TCS, Wipro etc are for the bottom pile of the crowd. The top 10 percent will go for higher studies ( MS/MBA )or join MNCs in India for product development. Another 20 percent or so will either make it to a mid sized non-consulting firm or go overseas for higher paying professions. The remaining bottom of the pile will join rentacoders like TCS,Wipro and Infosys and end up in a apartment in US sharing bedrooms and cars.

    Stay away from bodyshops!!

  86. pinky says:

    search for govt job. it is the tension,no investment,secures life do mba only if ur job requires it.

  87. nidhi says:

    I’ve done b.e in ece branch n hav got placed in tcs and cts through campus recruitment…i’ll really appreciate it if someone can suggest which company to join..m really vry confused..

  88. rahul madhani says:

    hi every1, nice 2 read all comments. this is a very nice way of expressing our point of view..
    i m selected for TCS n i feel tcs is best not just because i am selected for tcs but after all tcs is asia’s largest IT firm.. but i don’t know about my joining date and in waiting of joining letter i wasted two months.. but now feel i should try in some another company till i receive joining letter from TCS.. plz send me suggestions…thank u all..

  89. surjit says:

    after a long day i got placed in tcs in 2010 aug,pls tell me the probability of career growth with respect to my technical knowledge which is above average but i have a little bit communicational problem.

  90. parit says:

    hey , i ve been placed in tcs & accenture ?
    plz suggest me which z better to start with ?

  91. priya says:

    i m placed in infosys as well as tcs…..
    i m really cnfusd abt wat to join??…i hv read all the abve cments bt still cnfusd.
    so i wud lyk 2 ask acc. to my parameters…plzz help me out…. if nyone cn help me in answerng any of the following ques….plz help???
    1)wat is the salary provided by tcs during the training period,well abt infy,i knw its 13000 in hand…
    2)i knw the training prvided by infy is quite tough…bt i dnt hv ny prbms wid that,bt i jst wnt 2 knw that training of infy really holds a gud market value???means is it really wrth that hard wrk??/
    3)after 1 or 2 year of my xperience in tcs or infy,if i try in some other cmpany,which xperience will be counted btr,means which will help me get a bettr career aftrwards????
    or is it nly the project that i may get matrs in dat case???/
    4)i hv got the joining of infy on 15th nov. and i hv been placd in tcs jst on 14th aug.
    is there ny chance of getting joinng of tcs bfre dat?? nd in case if i dnt get joining bfre dat, will tcs be worth my wait???

    plz plz plz help…
    i really need to dcide soon…

  92. hethi says:

    i selected tcs and wipro in my 3rd year coll.bsc maths(pay scale is 3.50 lacs..tcs..and 4.00lacs wipro..but i rejected..becuz i want start the own company……

  93. micheal says:

    Hi Friens,
    I’m a b’sc grad. i got placed in HCL(KPO),Its amazing to work here, as a freasher i paid 15k(Belive ready to post my Payslip). Now i got placed in Infy(Tech)waitin for joing date. I would join Infy eventhough they give less salary&more pressure,b’cas Training in Infy can fetch you to a best company in the world. Its muchbetter than any other above mentioned company. My friends who got placed in TCS says he has no seprate system atall. And another guy in Wipro is been paid 7.5k for the Training peroid.While comparing these, I would say Infy is the BEST. Like other’s i’m nt wasting my time dreaming abt Infy,now i get Experience with good package in the Time being.. Pals don’t waste ur time in dreaming.

  94. Anonymous says:

    companies selected u or u selected companies??

  95. peyush says:

    first get ur sentence correct …secondly i don’t think tcs will give that much salary to a BSC
    student ,for a engineering student salary is 3.15 and for a BSC student i cant imagine it to be 3.5.

  96. Surya says:

    I wud like to thank each and every1 who have spent their valuable time in posting comments. It has been very informative and i read thru every comment.

    I got placed in TCS thru Anna University off-campus for all the self-financing engg colleges on may 18th, 2010. We got our offer letters on July 2nd, 2010. We were asked to give our confirmation within 7 days and we all did so immediately. But, still now, we haven’t received our date of joining. I am eagerly luking forward to the day when i’ll step into TCS. Seniors who are of a part of the esteemed company… please help us in providing the current date of joinig.

    I am an ECE student and i have scored an aggregate of 82%. I would be very thankful if u cud tell me the subjects that i need to brush up or any classes that i shud attend or any language/domain that i shud know before joining the company.

    Congratulations to all those who are placed and All the very best to all those who are preparing themselves and attending interviews.

    Please convey the details at the earliest.

    Thanks & Regards

  97. Mohit says:

    Hi Everyone

    Well first of all,a lot of thanks to all of you for providing us with such valuable inputs.

    I am a fresher and completed my engineering in Computers this May only.I also got placed in TCS in an off campus drive conducted this August.Also got the offer letter a month later.Actually I am already working in an organization(United Health Group)for the past 2 months.Although its not a Core IT company,but its offering me a better package than TCS.Its been 2 months working here as an Associate Test Engineer and I think there is not much workload here.

    Actually i want to go in the development line.So i would like to hear from you guys what you have to say regarding:

    1.Should I opt for TCS over UHG?

    2.What is the surity that after having 4-5 months of training in TCS, I will be given a developers profile???

    For your information,UHG is a healthcare insurance company from US.It has its IT centre in Gurgaon and Hyderabad.According to some of the people that I ve asked here,their advise is to go for TCS.But I still would like to have ur opinion so that I needn’t regret at a later stage.

    Looking fwd to hear from you guys.

    Thanks and Regards,

  98. sonam says:

    i m placed in infy,also placed in tcs dis aug,bt have not recieved joining.actualy i wnt 2 get placed in north india,near delhi or UP.
    which company 2 prefer?
    which 1 wil give d flexibility of transfer?
    for career growth?
    i m an ec student.

  99. Shridhar says:

    1. Well, I am working in tcs since last 1 and half year. What I have experienced is many things here are dependent on ur luck. For example project, domain, technology, city, branch. None of the things u r allowed to decide.(Its true for at least freshers)
    2 My suggesion would be to join infy if u r from non IT background and to join tcs if u r from IT background

  100. sri says:


    I am exactly in the same situation.
    Let me know what u have decided .
    Plz reply soon.

  101. sri says:


    Well what i usuall hear is the opposite.
    IT- go for Infy
    Non IT- go for TCS
    What makes u say so?

  102. M says:

    wat all things i am going to study during my training period of TCS. i am selectd as ASE-trainee in TCS

  103. santhosh kumar.r says:

    hi, i am a fresher, ECE, i got placed in TCS through offcampus on 15th august in bangalore. i got the offer letter also on 25th september. can anyone tell me when will the DOJ be given and which r all the training locations to which they can put the candidates those who have got placed in bangalore.also what will be the salary during training and duration of training. is there any dress code for boys in the environment in TCS in cool, i.e., workload free…
    pls anyone reply for me…

  104. vijay says:

    plz tell me about package by TCS in ITIS?

  105. reddy says:

    i got selected for TCS during the off campus drive 2010&i also selected for CTS……
    very confused to choose among the TSC&CTS…….
    give me the better sugation………..

  106. av says:

    Presently I am working with TCS and before joining TCS I was in IBM. As per my opinion, TCS is pathetic company. In TCS all the non-technical processes are followed. Complex and lengthy processes. Lazy public sector undertaking kind of staff. Management is really poor. They consider employees only as headcount and not assets. Very few good development projects here. There is mostly outsourced support projects. So no learning. TCS has grown so big just bcoz they are concentrating on US market and earning in dollars. Secondly, because its a part of TATA group. Company and people here don;t have zeal to grow or progress. Everyone here keeps only one thing in mind i.e. when he or she will be sent onsite.

    I loved working with IBM. I curse my decision to join TCS just because of some package hike. If you want to join a company and want to retire from it without growth then TCS is best for you as job guarantee is there. However, I believe job guarantee is when one possess higher skillset. He/She can get selected anywhere.

    IBM is all time great. Keep no doubts about IBM and join if you get an offer. Next post will include my experience with Infosys as most probably I will join it soon.

  107. Anonymous says:

    please tell me about cts training program ,what should i prepare before to go under training period so that i can get pass in training modules.

  108. Anonymous says:

    please tell me about TCS training program ,what should i prepare before to go under training period so that i can get pass in training modules.

  109. Supratim Ghoshal says:

    i got selected both in tcs and infosys in 2010 off campassing.But i am confused to choose among them.please suggest me for better option.. thanks..

  110. Abhinav says:

    Oh god i read this whole thread and thanks but it got me more confused then i was previously. I’m a 2011 batch b tech and expecting both these companies to conduci interviews in january. I wish i get selected for both and i’ll join the one which calls me for training early

  111. kanika says:

    oh ma god…!!!!!!
    really confused for ma future…
    infy cumin on 23rd of this month n tcs soon after that… but our campus allow to appear only for one company at a time if u r placed. this shouldnt create a problem for me to choose further for any one of these two.. and looking after this long long discussion feels lyk m going for off campuses for other much better companies out there… if not in my luck i will definitly go for Infy coz it has no bond ;P still get to learn more as per the disc.
    wish me luck!!!hope to get placed soon…

  112. abhishek says:

    m a fresher , got selectd nd ibm & tcs
    IBM india package =3.27 , TCS =3.17 ………..

    package is nearly same ……….nd joining dates also same 12 jan……tcs coimbatore, ibm pune

    which is better?????

    pls help………!!!!!!!!!!

  113. TCS Jobs says:

    I really hope 2011 will be different and TCS will give liberal bonus. Like me, many people are

    struggling to put up 20% advance required for Apartment purchase. Earlier banks were allowing

    loans with 10% Advance. Our only hope is a good raise and good bonus in 2011

  114. Rajiv says:

    Hey friends… I’m graduating in Automobile engineering n I got selected in tcs through on-campus recruitment this year. How is the career growth for me in tcs???

  115. shruthi says:

    hi.. i wud like to know if infosys offers intern programs.. and what is the basic criteria for it..
    right now i’m doing my fourth semester in b tech[computer science]
    pls do let me know

  116. susasi says:

    Hi fiends,
    I’m graduating in cse and got selected in TCS and Nokia Siemens Networks. Pls suggest me, which one 2 join…?

  117. :P says:

    My personal view. Join some small company as a starter. Big Indian Firms has very less to offer to the fresher’s. Fresher’s are not gieven any risk taking jobs. and scope of learning while working is subsequently nill infront of any small sized firm. I made to both TCS and Tavant Technologies. I choose Tavant;
    1. Tavant :Joining 11 Aug, 2011
    TCS : Joining March, 2012

    2. Package: TCS : 3.15 LPA …. Tavant : 4 LPA
    3. Work Culture : TCS : no Idea…. Tavant : Rocks
    Tavant came 5th in the BEst employers survey in 2011.
    4. Risk Taking Management : Puts faith on Fresher’s on live projects. Scope of learning — very high.
    5. Knowledge Areas — > bound to be diversified. Reason — > Big Projects and small teams .. Greater Responsilty — So have to gain wider technical knowledge.

    6. TCS –> stupid company for stupid fresher’s.(Good for retirement)
    Tavant –> Sharp company for Smart people.

    Training Details : TCS — > Java , Unix, Preliminary DB,,, Stupid Managerial Classes

    Tavant : High Focus on Deep Technical Understanding, Have to complete two projects(one self and another Group Project) implementing all the technical things that will be taught during the training. Technical Training — > Trust me its way more richer than any other companies training. Fresher’s spend a lot of time to learn and implement the newly taught aspects in the projects. Dedicated, Helpful ,Friendly and talented colleagues……

    So as per my experience. If u need long term survival in the IT field.. JOIN A SMALL FIRM

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