Railway Ticket Collector Salary ( TC / TTE of train) in 2016

In Indian railway, TC (Ticket Collector)  and  TTE ( Traveling Ticket Examiner) are recruited as Group C ( non gazetted) Central Government employees. They are equivalent to clerk level employees. Minimum qualification for the job is 10+2 with more than 50% marks. 

For fresh TTC / TC, salary will be generally set as basic pay- 5200-20200 (3% increment every year) with grade pay 1900.

So, if fresh candidate recruited with three increment his basic pay = 5683+ 1900 (grade pay) =  Rs 7583. Currently DA (dearness allowance) is 125% of basic pay , so DA will be Rs 9479. So total pay will be 7583+9479= Rs 17062 per month. In addition to that they will also get some other allowances like accommodation allowance, travel allowance, medical allowances etc. So overall they can expect something around Rs 23,000 per month salary.

After 7th pay commission implementation, freshly recruited TTE / TC can expect Rs 26,000 per month overall salary. 

Pay will increase each year by yearly pay increment and increase in DA. Pay will also increase with promotion. 

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