Improve Memory and Concentration Power by Yoga

You believe it or not but you can improve your memory power upto 3 times by doing some specific Yoga, which are described here. Following Yoga is really useful to improve your memory power.
1. Pranayama- This Yoga is used by many people, and almost all people who are doing it have found improvement in memory Power and concentration. This is simple breathing exersise. for more details about it check here .
2. SHIRSHASANA - This is a very famous yoga . If you do this yoga. More blood will flow in mind, which is really good for healthy and sharp brain. But you must not do it for long time at initial stage. It may cause some health problem to you, better to use it in the guidance of instructor. To know more see here.

3. Meditation – This is another god mehtod by which you can improve your brain poower, What is does is, it activate the passive portion of Mind. Do you know that mind is using only5% of its full capacity. Rest of the mind is always in passive stage. By doing Meditation you can activate your passive portion. learn more about meditation here.

4. Surya Namaskar – This is rally useful for not only for your mind but also for whole body. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is the best way to burn the calories and reduce weight. It is often recommended for obesity. For more details visit here.

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