How to Watch TV on your mobile phone easily

Watch TV on mobile phone

If you want to watch TV on your mobile phone (cell phone). You need DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast) compatible mobile hand set. The following are few mobile hand set models which are DVB-H compatible.

Gigabyte – GSmart t600, GSmart q60 (all with DVB-T, DVB-H, T-DMB and DAB)
LG – U900, KU950, U960
Motorola – A680i
Nokia – 7710 (experimental DVB-H version), N92, N77, N96

Samsung – SGH-P910, SGH-P920, SGH-P930, SGH-P940, SGH-F510
Sony Ericsson – W960i
Philips – HotMAN2
Sagem – My Mobile

TV ZTE – N7100

If you are using any one of above or other DVB-H enabled handset, you can watch free mobile TV channels.

Step by step procedure to watch TV on your mobile is as follows-

Step 1– Activate GPRS on your DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast) compatible mobile phone.

Step 2– Know the website for mobile service provider which will stream TV program to your mobile phone. For example if you are using BSNL in India, you need to download application at to your mobile set by sending SMS “MyTV” at 55447. BSNL is not providing free TV program, rates are as follows

* PAY PER DAY PLAN – Rs 10/- : one channel for 24 Hrs.
* PAY PER MONTH PER CHANNEL Rs 50/- : one channel for 30 days.
* PAY PER MONTH ALL CHANNELS Rs 150/- : 15 channels for 30 days

Step 3– Activate your plan.

step 4– Open the application to watch TV and enjoy the program. more details are here for BSNL users.

Some other mobile service provider offering free TV program streaming to mobile phone. They are getting money indirectly from GPRS activation charge. Vodafone is one the the example who is providing TV service free of cost.

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  1. giwa says:

    i am using N95 by nokia and i want to be watching dstv channels on my phone.from lagos nigeria.

  2. Shabbir says:

    I use nokia n95 i want to watch free indian tv chanel on my mobile reply me with email

  3. jafer says:

    How i can get TB6 channel live in internet

  4. Ridwan says:

    how to watch with my N91 in Nigeria and the best network for me.

  5. ali says:

    i’m using hp samsung sgh p930 in malaysia.can you tell me how to turn on the mobile live tv.

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    can nokia 6300 classic phone have this kind of facility. pls help…

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