How to upload FLV video file on Youtube

May 3, 2008

Have you got FLV video file and want to upload on youtube? But the problem you will face is FLV video format is not supported for uploading at youtube.

The simplest way is just convert your FLV video file to avi video file. You can convert it by a free FLV to AVI convertor. This free converter software you can download from softonic .The size is just around 4 MB. It will take hardly one or two minute to download the software and convert your FLV file to avi format. After converting, you can easily upload you avi formatted video file on youtube without any trouble.

Quality of converted file will be as good as original file.

Comments (5)

  1. HMM says:

    You know this is not true right? you can upload flv files on youtube… try it

  2. Agriya says:

    It is useful information, to upload the flv player to youtube. It is very easiest way.

  3. :O says:

    Umm this indeed isnt true… you can just upload .flv to youtube

  4. Waffen Hussein says:

    It would be nice if you either took this article down, or made it factual. I hope everyone reads the comments here before leaving your page discouraged with outdated info.

  5. Joe says:

    Sure you can upload flv videos to YouTube directly, but the quality will be reduced, and many times, the viedo and audio will be out of sync.

    This is due to YouTube recoding flv video.

    So this article is helpful in that you can convert your video to avi (native for YouTube) first without losing quality, then upload to YouTube.

    Unless you don’t care about your uploaded video quality.

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