How to open Paypal Account without using Credit Card or Bank Account

If you are living in these country and want to open a PAYPAL account, it is very easy  to open it without using your original credit card or bank account details. See bellow to know how you can do this  

Country Code”US”  -United States

Country Code”AL” -Albania

Country Code”DZ” -Algeria

Country Code”AD” -Andorra

Country Code”AO” -Angola

Country Code”AI” -Anguilla

Country Code”AG” -Antigua and Barbuda

Country Code”AR” -Argentina

Country Code”AM” -Armenia

Country Code”AW” -Aruba

Country Code”AU” -Australia

Country Code”AT” -Austria

Country Code”AZ” -Azerbaijan Republic

Country Code”BS” -Bahamas

Country Code”BH” -Bahrain

Country Code”BB” -Barbados

Country Code”BE” -Belgium

Country Code”BZ” -Belize

Country Code”BJ” -Benin

Country Code”BM” -Bermuda

Country Code”BT” -Bhutan

Country Code”BO” -Bolivia

Country Code”BA” -Bosnia and Herzegovina

Country Code”BW” -Botswana

Country Code”BR” -Brazil

Country Code”VG” -British Virgin Islands

Country Code”BN” -Brunei

Country Code”BG” -Bulgaria

Country Code”BF” -Burkina Faso

Country Code”BI” -Burundi

Country Code”KH” -Cambodia

Country Code”CA” -Canada

Country Code”CV” -Cape Verde

Country Code”KY” -Cayman Islands

Country Code”TD” -Chad

Country Code”CL” -Chile

Country Code”C2″ -China

Country Code”CO” -Colombia

Country Code”KM” -Comoros

Country Code”CK” -Cook Islands

Country Code”CR” -Costa Rica

Country Code”HR” -Croatia

Country Code”CY” -Cyprus

Country Code”CZ” -Czech Republic

Country Code”CD” -Democratic Republic of the Congo

Country Code”DK” -Denmark

Country Code”DJ” -Djibouti

Country Code”DM” -Dominica

Country Code”DO” -Dominican Republic

Country Code”EC” -Ecuador

Country Code”SV” -El Salvador

Country Code”ER” -Eritrea

Country Code”EE” -Estonia

Country Code”ET” -Ethiopia

Country Code”FK” -Falkland Islands

Country Code”FO” -Faroe Islands

Country Code”FM” -Federated States of Micronesia

Country Code”FJ” -Fiji

Country Code”FI” -Finland

Country Code”FR” -France

Country Code”GF” -French Guiana

Country Code”PF” -French Polynesia

Country Code”GA” -Gabon Republic

Country Code”GM” -Gambia

Country Code”DE” -Germany

Country Code”GI” -Gibraltar

Country Code”GR” -Greece

Country Code”GL” -Greenland

Country Code”GD” -Grenada

Country Code”GP” -Guadeloupe

Country Code”GT” -Guatemala

Country Code”GN” -Guinea

Country Code”GW” -Guinea Bissau

Country Code”GY” -Guyana

Country Code”HN” -Honduras

Country Code”HK” -Hong Kong

Country Code”HU” -Hungary

Country Code”IS” -Iceland

Country Code”IN” -India

Country Code”ID” -Indonesia

Country Code”IE” -Ireland

Country Code”IL” -Israel

Country Code”IT” -Italy

Country Code”JM” -Jamaica

Country Code”JP” -Japan

Country Code”JO” -Jordan

Country Code”KZ” -Kazakhstan

Country Code”KE” -Kenya

Country Code”KI” -Kiribati

Country Code”KW” -Kuwait

Country Code”KG” -Kyrgyzstan

Country Code”LA” -Laos

Country Code”LV” -Latvia

Country Code”LS” -Lesotho

Country Code”LI” -Liechtenstein

Country Code”LT” -Lithuania

Country Code”LU” -Luxembourg

Country Code”MG” -Madagascar

Country Code”MW” -Malawi

Country Code”MY” -Malaysia

Country Code”MV” -Maldives

Country Code”ML” -Mali

Country Code”MT” -Malta

Country Code”MH” -Marshall Islands

Country Code”MQ” -Martinique

Country Code”MR” -Mauritania

Country Code”MU” -Mauritius

Country Code”YT” -Mayotte

Country Code”MX” -Mexico

Country Code”MN” -Mongolia

Country Code”MS” -Montserrat

Country Code”MA” -Morocco

Country Code”MZ” -Mozambique

Country Code”NA” -Namibia

Country Code”NR” -Nauru

Country Code”NP” -Nepal

Country Code”NL” -Netherlands

Country Code”AN” -Netherlands Antilles

Country Code”NC” -New Caledonia

Country Code”NZ” -New Zealand

Country Code”NI” -Nicaragua

Country Code”NE” -Niger

Country Code”NU” -Niue

Country Code”NF” -Norfolk Island

Country Code”NO” -Norway

Country Code”OM” -Oman

Country Code”PW” -Palau

Country Code”PA” -Panama

Country Code”PG” -Papua New Guinea

Country Code”PE” -Peru

Country Code”PH” -Philippines

Country Code”PN” -Pitcairn Islands

Country Code”PL” -Poland

Country Code”PT” -Portugal

Country Code”QA” -Qatar

Country Code”CG” -Republic of the Congo

Country Code”RE” -Reunion

Country Code”RO” -Romania

Country Code”RU” -Russia

Country Code”RW” -Rwanda

Country Code”VC” -Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Country Code”WS” -Samoa

Country Code”SM” -San Marino

Country Code”ST” -São Tomé and Príncipe

Country Code”SA” -Saudi Arabia

Country Code”SN” -Senegal

Country Code”SC” -Seychelles

Country Code”SL” -Sierra Leone

Country Code”SG” -Singapore

Country Code”SK” -Slovakia

Country Code”SI” -Slovenia

Country Code”SB” -Solomon Islands

Country Code”SO” -Somalia

Country Code”ZA” -South Africa

Country Code”KR” -South Korea

Country Code”ES” -Spain

Country Code”LK” -Sri Lanka

Country Code”SH” -St. Helena

Country Code”KN” -St. Kitts and Nevis

Country Code”LC” -St. Lucia

Country Code”PM” -St. Pierre and Miquelon

Country Code”SR” -Suriname

Country Code”SJ” -Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands

Country Code”SZ” -Swaziland

Country Code”SE” -Sweden

Country Code”CH” -Switzerland

Country Code”TW” -Taiwan

Country Code”TJ” -Tajikistan

Country Code”TZ” -Tanzania

Country Code”TH” -Thailand

Country Code”TG” -Togo

Country Code”TO” -Tonga

Country Code”TT” -Trinidad and Tobago

Country Code”TN” -Tunisia

Country Code”TR” -Turkey

Country Code”TM” -Turkmenistan

Country Code”TC” -Turks and Caicos Islands

Country Code”TV” -Tuvalu

Country Code”UG” -Uganda

Country Code”UA” -Ukraine

Country Code”AE” -United Arab Emirates

Country Code”GB” -United Kingdom

Country Code”UY” -Uruguay

Country Code”VU” -Vanuatu

Country Code”VA” -Vatican City State

Country Code”VE” -Venezuela

Country Code”VN” -Vietnam

Country Code”WF” -Wallis and Futuna Islands

Country Code”YE” -Yemen

Country Code”ZM” -Zambia

First of all open a basic paypal account with your email ID. In this stage you will have unverified paypal account. After that you buy a VCC i.e. “Virtual Credit card”. If you don’t know what is VCC or Virtual credit card, search VCC with your country name in google, you will find information about the vendors who will provide you VCC in your conuntry. VCC cost around $10-$20. Vendor will give you a code number of VCC, this number can be used in place of credit card information. Remember this is valid for  only arround 24 hours, so use it as quick as possible. It is very difficult to open bank account in USA if you non-resident of USA. There is no credit checking is used for VCC. You can put any address in VCC, feed your VCC data in the process of verification of paypal account at credit card information. After this you will become a verified paypal account holder. Paypal coupon or paypal prepaid card or paypal debit card is available only for existing paypal account holder,so dont try for it before having paypal account. Rember, you can not withdraw  paypal ammount in this way, you can use  money in your paypal account to buy online any usfull product from those store which is using paypal payment. Its better to keep low ammount in your paypal account. For any question comment here with your question.    

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