How to choose best mutual funds in india for high return

If you are searching for best mutual fund information in India to gain high, get some idea here about how to choose best mutual fund in India. First pick up mutual fund category i.e. high risk or low risk category which is suitable for you. After that pick some top performing mutual fund, you must analyze history of picked mutual fund, don’t buy mutual fund which is at their pick value. There is more chances that its value will fall from pick value, you can consider to buy for that mutual fund whose value is below average value, but you must know the reason behind fall in value of that mutual fund. Fall in value of mutual fund should not be from the internal causes of mutual fund, but it should be natural and there should be more chance for improving the value of that mutual fund. Look at the company in which that mutual fund have invested. You should also know the performance of shares of that category at share market. Also check who is the fund manager of mutual fund, If manager is from long time and if mutual fund performed better under his management, that mutual fund will be safe to buy. Other thing you must need to know that the fall in price should be natural. Before investing you must be careful about national news, there should not be any disturbing news. Because share market is very sensitive to news, and performance of mutual fund is dependent on the share market price. So you must watch carefully share market price also, Best time to invest in mutual fund on those time when share market start rising after long time fall period. Because mutual fund price have some delay from share market price, if on particular day if share market closes at higher price after log time of fall you may assume that mutual fund price of that day is lowest so make opportunity of it and buy mutual fund from market. This is my personal view, take care before investing in mutual fund in India.

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  1. andar909 says:

    hi, andar here, i just read your post. i like very much. agree to you, sir.

  2. rajesh chetwani says:

    i want to invest 10 year in mutual fund by sip plz tell me height return fund

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