Home Air Conditioner (Split AC, Window AC) Price Details in India | Best Cost

If you are going to buy Air conditioner, to make full and effective use of your money, you should know which type of air conditioner is required to you.  There are two type of Home air conditioner. Split AC and Window AC.

The difference between split AC and window AC is that, in Window AC, condenser and evaporator of AC is on same unit, so AC must be on the across the window, The condenser part should be on outer side of wall and evaporator side should be inside of room. But, in split AC, condenser and evaporator are separate. unit.  Also, the installation of a split AC costs more since you need to install two units-one indoor and one outdoor, which then need to be connected through copper tubing.

The cost is proportional to the ton (capacity) of AC. So it is better to know how much ton (capacity ) AC is required for  your room. Here is the rough idea, if outside temperature is 43 degree C and if your normal size room required to keep at temperature of 23 degree C, you need around 1.5 ton capacity AC.

1. Split AC- Generally cost is more and one unit of split AC can cool more than one room. The sound and disturbance is less and performance is more in split AC. Looks are good of split AC. But Split AC it not portable. Here is the price of SPLIT AC in India

wall_mounted split air conditioner

Bluestar Split AC

Bluestar – 3HW181YA – (1.5 ton) MRP: Rs 30,000

Bluestar-  3HW121YA -  (1 ton)  MRP: Rs 25,500

Carrier Split AC

Carrier – Durakool Plus – (1.5T) – MRP: Rs 30,990

Carrier – Durakool Plus – (1.0T) – MRP: Rs 26,390

LG Split AC

LG – LSA3QW2VF2 (1 ton) -  MRP: Rs 20,490

LG – LSA5QW2VF1 (1.5 ton) -  MRP: Rs 24,990

Voltas Split AC

Voltas – Vertis Panache 1.0T SAC -MRP: Rs 49,990

Voltas – Vertis Panache 1.5T SAC-  MRP: Rs 59,990

2. Window AC-good  for small rooms and it is cheaper. It consumes less electricity.

window ac indian

Carrier  Window AC

Carrier – Estrella 1.0 Ton – MRP: Rs 17,990

Carrier – Estrella 1.5 Ton  MRP: Rs 23,490

LG Window AC

LG – LWA3EW1DF1 (1 ton )- MRP: Rs 14,990

LG – LWA5VW1DT1 (1.5 ton) MRP: Rs 17,990

Voltas Window AC

Voltas – Vertis Plus – 1.0 Ton -  MRP: Rs 16,990

Voltas- Vertis Elite 1.5 Ton MRP: Rs 22,490


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