High Capacity Mobile Battery: Disadvantages of using it

If you are selecting equal or more than 3000 mAh high capacity battery as must be criteria  for new mobile to purchase, you are wrong.

There are many disadvantages associated with high capacity battery for mobile. Here is the list

1. Weight– Mobile with high capacity battery is generally heavy in weight. For long term use, heavy mobile will be uncomfortable to use.

2. More thickness of mobile – Generally, mobile with large battery is thicker. Any mobile with more than 9 mm thickness is not very good in looks.

3. Less battery service life: Service life of high capacity mobile battery is less. For good brand, battery may last for 2 and half year. For less known brand mobile, battery may run for around 1 and half year. Generally low capacity battery life is more.

4. High Cost– In general, cost of high capacity mobile battery are more. If cost of mobile having high capacity battery is less, it is because of other specification of mobile may be poor.

Solution for the above problem:

If you are worried about fast draining of low capacity mobile battery, you should use battery bank. Even 10,000 mAh battery bank cost is very less. You can always carry battery bank with you in traveling, whenever your mobile battery get drained, you can charge by your battery bank without the need of electrical power point.

Using mobile that have battery of around 2500 mAh is good enough for 18 to 24 hrs of moderate to heavy use.

Low capacity battery mobile is more sleek, less in weight, and low in cost. So using this type of mobile with external battery bank is more beneficial for you.

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