High Calorie Indian food list for babies

If you want to give your baby high calorie food so that your baby will grow fast and gain weight fast here is the list, that are most suited for babies.


Fruits are one the favorite food for babies, so give your babies as much fruits as possible.

Here is the list.

  1. Banana – One banana can give as much as 100 Kcal.
  2. Apple- One big apple will give around 60 Kcal.
  3. Orange- one orange will give around 65 Kcal.
  4. Mango – One big mango can give around 135 Kcal. Avoid too much consumption of mango.

Cooked Food-

  1. Khichdi (of rice, daal and vegetable)- Serve it with one spoon of Ghee. One cup of Khichdi with one spoon of ghee will give around 200 Kcal. Salt should be as low as possible in it.
  2. Roti and Milk- Mix one roti in milk in half cup milk and make it pasty.  This will give around 150 Kcal.
  3. Boiled egg Yellow Part (Egg Yolk) – Keep it limited to one egg yellow daily. One egg yellow will give around 60 Kcal.
  4. Boiled Potato- One boiled potato can give around 100 Kcal.
  5. Cow milk- Cow milk is one of the essential food item for babies, it provide 100 kcal (one cup).  It is good source of other minerals including calcium.

Babies of around 1 year old required daily around 700 Kcal for healthy growth. To gain more weight you should give more calorie.

All the above information are my own personal views. The above information may not be fully valid. You should get advice from expert people in this field for the food for your babies.

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