Hide files name (make invisible) in ZIP or RAR Archives

The best way to hide the file from other user is to put it inside Zip or RAR software (winRAR) with password protected.

Even after password protection, any user can see the files name inside the ZIP or RAR file. To hide the files name also from other user to see, here is the way.

For Zip file. (Using Winzip software)

Create new Zip file> Open the ZIP File > Drag The Required file in the ZIP File> Pop-up will come,  Click ‘Password’ > Add password.

Once the Zip File is ready, Create another new Zip File > Drag the previous Zip file into the new Zip file> apply the password in it too.

So now you have zip file that contains your file is itself is inside another zip file, So the final zip file will only show the name of the previous  Zip file, it will not show files name inside that zip file.

For RAR file. (using WinRAR Software)

Making file invisible in RAR is relatively easy.

Just create new RAR File > open the empty RAR file> Drag the desired  file inside WinRAR archives> POP up will come > Click on “Advance tab” in Pop up window > Click on Set Password > enter Password and Check “encrypt File Names”  and click ok > Click OK.

Now when you try to open the WINRAR file (RAR file) first thing it will ask you the password.  Once you inter the correct password only then you can see the files list in RAR Archives.

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