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If you want to see HDTV program or HD movie (mpeg 4 format), you need good HD TV. There are many HD TV   present in India in the cost range of Rs 50,000 to Rs 3,00,000. Watching HD TV program can be really great experience, The quality and clarity of picture is similar to when you watch new movie at multiplex (digital theater)

Here is the cost-

Hitachi L37X01A 37? Full HD LCD TV – Rs.85,500/-.

Hitachi L42X01A 42? Full HD LCD TV – Rs.88,500/

Hitachi P50X01A 50? Full HD Plasma TV – Rs.168,800/-

Hitachi P60X01A 60? Full HD Plasma TV – Rs.420,800/-

Samsung LN40A550 Full HD LCD TV – Rs.46,000/-.

The price drop in HDTV in India expected, as Dish TV,  Reliance Big TV and TATA sky satellite TV channel providers are having plan to start HDTV channels. The date is still not clear. Currently only “Sun Direct HD” provides two HD channel in India, both are movie channel, one in Tamil and other in Telugu.

Currently in India, TV program producers are not making programs in HD TV format. If Dish TV starts providing HDTV channels, you can see National Geographic Channel (NGC), HBO, Discovery channel etc in HDTV, because they have HDTV program platform also.

Without using Sun Direct HD, you can enjoy clear picture of HDTV by watching movie in MPEG 4 format from DVD player.

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    pl. help in providing lcd tv and plasma tv prices in india.

  3. Baranikannan says:


    Why TV prices are very high in India comparing to US. Its almost 100 % more on most of the models and in some models its about 200 % also. Please tell me the reason if you know about it.

  4. NIDHEESH CV says:

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    Please send me to the prices of HD TV’s in India and all over the world.

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