Get LPG Subsidy in your Bank Account by Adhaar Number (UID)

Soon you have to pay around 920 Rs per Cylinder (14.2 Kg) of LPG to the gas provider even if you you are getting it for domestic use.

Government will pay the subsidy of 50% of LPG cylinder price (around 410 Rs) directly to you if buy the LPG cylinder for domestic use. The number of LPG cylinder which get subsidy is fixed, which is 9 per financial year per family.

Soon to get subsidy amount from Government, you  need to submit your Bank account number, Branch, Beneficiary  name and Adhaar Number (UID Number) of the person for which LPG Cylinder have been issued by LPG Cylinder Provider.

Main LPG Cylinder provider in India are

1. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (Bharat Gas)
2. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HP Gas)
3. India Oil Corporation Limited (Indane)

Without Adhaar number (UID Number) , you will not get the subsidy from Government even if you submit your bank account details to LPG Gas Provider.

To get Subsidy you must get the Adhaar Number soon. In some area India Oil Corporation Limited (Indane) also register their customer  for Adhaar number (UID Number) , if you don’t have Adhaar number, you can contact Indane office if they have facility to provide adhhar number (UID Number) .

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