Get Credit Card online without any document in India

You can get fully functional credit card (master Card) at home without going to any bank or giving any document by following method.

If you have  ICICI bank account and online banking facility, you can get credit card in following 2 methods:

1. Instant credit card facility: In this scheme, you first need to make a fixed deposit of money. You can make fixed deposit online in your ICICI bank. Once you make fixed deposit of money, you can apply  for instant credit card online against this fixed deposit. You will get fully functional credit card at your home by speed post, it will be activated only if you call customer care of ICICI bank. This card will be valid until you break your fixed deposit or the validity printed on card. The limit of amount of your credit card will be the amount of your fixed deposit card.

Suppose you make fixed deposit of Rs 30,000 in ICICI bank with regular interest payment option with auto renewal option, you will get interest of fixed deposit every month at your bank account, and also you will get the credit card (Master Card) by post, limit of credit card will be Rs 30,000 per month.

2. Prepaid Credit card: There is new facility for ICICI bank user this is called “Pocket”. This is basically prepaid credit card (VISA) facility. If you have online ICICI bank account, you can use “Pocket” facility by registering online. Once you register, you will get number which is VISA credit card number with CVV and expiry date, you need to allocate money from your ICICI bank account to “Pocket”, That will be the limit of credit card. You can also get physical form of this card at your home if you select the option.

The best thing is that, the limit of credit card of “Pocket” is variable, limit will  be decided by you, so there is very low chance of misusing is, you can allocate the fund in it when requirement come. This is basically a prepaid credit card, where you need to allocate money before you spend it.

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