Get admission in USA top universities with financial ads (scholarship) from India

Do you know that none of Indian universities is in top 200 universities list of the world. If you are really interested in academics or higher education, you need to get admission in foreign  universities. Here is list of top 100 universities of the world.

Top five universities are

Harvard University,

Stanford University,

University California – Berkeley,

Massachusetts Inst Tech (MIT),

California Inst Tech

To get admission into these universities, you need to qualify into GRE with good score. You may also need to qualify in TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

For PG course and some undergraduate course you also need recommendation note from your college professor and description of your previous research.

The cost of study of one year in these universities is around $50,000 (Rs 25 lakh). You can get these money from your own or from loan, which you can repay in around 10 year. All Indian banks are available for education loan.

All universities are also giving financial ads (scholarship), their are many type of scholarships that any student can get.  Scholarship amount and type is dependent on academic merit as well as on other factors. Before taking admission you must get information about what type and amount of scholarship you are going to get. Indian government also gives scholarship, but you should not expect much amount.

Even if you get scholarship, you need to show that you are capable of paying full academic fee by your own, so you need to show your bank balance also in advance.

You also need to make visa and passport.

If you do all above, passing the exams and getting degree from above universities will not be big deal.

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    Hi i am called ESSA JOHN ETCHU please i just wish you help with admission your university. Bye.

  5. remya menon says:

    hi i am a physiotherapist.want to study further how can i get admission in top universities and how much toefl score we should need for the former. which course is more relevant.

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    i want to know degree from ignou is valid for other university higher education progrome?

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