GATE 2014 – Changes in Exam Pattern details

June 18, 2013

For Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2014), exam pattern will not be same as previous year exam.

As of now, there is no official announcement of any changes in pattern for  GATE 2014 exam. But it is expected that very soon there will be official announcement of GATE 2014 pattern change.

Most probably following changes will take place in GATE 2014.

1. There will be only ONLINE option available for GATE 2014, there may not be paper and pencil exam for GATE 2014.

2. The GATE 2014 exam date will be multiple dates for the online test and  all questions will not be same for different candidates. Questions in Online GATE 2014 will come from the bank of questions stored in the server for GATE 2014.

3. There is little chance that the GATE 2014 will take place in two stage, i.e. first stage will be screening test and second stage will be main GATE exam. First stage exam i.e. screening test may consists of Aptitude test, Physics, Chemistry and Geology. Only after clearing Screening test, candidate will be allowed to appear for main exam of GATE. This scheme is having less probability for implementation  for GATE 2014. There is more chances for GATE 2015.

4. Syllabus of GATE 2014 and  number of question will be most probably same as previous year. i.e. all question will be multiple options type, some question will carry 1 marks and some question will carry 2 marks.

Changes in GATE 2014 exam pattern is required because number of student have increased up to 12-13 lakh, and many PSU and MNC is now taking  GATE score directly for selecting candidate for job interview.

As soon as official announcement will come, i will post the full detail here in this post.

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