2nd Phase: Freedom 251 online booking start date information

If you have missed the  booking of mobile in first phase of booking of mobile of cost of Rs 251 from  Freedom251.co.in. Here is the information of date of 2nd phase of date of booking of Freedom 251 mobile online.

And the date of 2nd phase of booking is After 01.06.2016 (if they are genuine). Most Probably, Freedom251 is a total Scam. This really shows how any one can make big population fool. 

They are actually promoting the website for free by making such a false claim.  No real people is coming from the  Ringing Bells company.

The media are actually showing mobile Adcom Ikon 4 as Freedom 251 mobile. To hide the logo of Adcom Ikon they placed Tricolour sticker on the rear panel of mobile. The current price of this mobile is around Rs 4100.

They just want to keep the people of India in confusion for this mobile, so that they can earn money from the above website by doing nothing from the Freedom 251 mobile.

If they are real, they should come in front.  Never waste your time on such website.   

I have given the 2nd phase date after 01.06.2016 because if they are real, as per their website, they will deliver the order by June 2016. So only after delivering the booked order they will start new booking. It is only guess.






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