Free Calendar and Reminder with alarm software from Google

This free software from Google can solve your all time management problem like Reminder, meeting, appointment etc with alarm facility in your computer. this Google Calendars software is really useful for your day to day life and it can be downloaded from here.

To use Google Calendar Gadget, you first need to install Google Desktop 4 or above . This free calender software is the plug-in of Google Desktop. Google Calendar Gadget is not only used for reminder perpose, but it can be used for some automatic work like sending email or bithday wishes to your contacts automatically from this Google Desktop software on pre-defined time.

Google Calendar Gadget is also used to know the time of modification of any file that can be searched from Google Desktop.

I would just say don’t use other paid software for time management solution, use free and easy to use GC Gadget ( Google Calendar Gadget) .

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