Food price list in India (current food item price in Mumbai)

Check out the latest food item cost in Indian cities (ex- Mumbai, Delhi).  Check the price of Milk, Rice, Eggs, Apples, Potato etc food items at THIS LINK.

You can also find out the food item cost in other cities of India  by selecting the city in the map in THIS LINK.

In the above website, food item price is based on the submitted price by many local people, so you can rely on the data. You can also convert the price in other currency format.

The average food price list in India can be seen at THIS LINK

some the price will be shown as bellow in above website.


Eggs (12) 48.00 Rs
Local Cheese (1kg) 200.00 Rs
Chicken, (1kg) 180.00 Rs
Apples (1kg) 120.00 Rs
Oranges (1kg) 70.00 Rs
Tomato (1kg) 30.00 Rs
Potato (1kg) 20.00 Rs

The data is almost updated with time. The above website not only provide food price list in India, but also  cost of other items (Cost of living). You can also compare the prices with other country.

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