Find free WiFi hotspots in your city for your laptop or mobile for internet surfing

You can use free internet on your laptop or mobile if it is wifi enabled and you locate WiFi hotspot. You need to be in the range of WIFI signal. There is one free add-on that you should download on your laptop or mobile. This free add on is called Wefi, you can download it from here.

After installing it ,you should run it, search in address, your cities. It will give map of your city with hotspot location. The hotspot location in the map is obtained from database of Wefi. Sometime it may be possible that you can not find hotspot when you go there.

Wefi software also connect with internet automatically when it comes in the range of Wifi signal.

Here is the example, if you want to know the location of free  Wifi hotspot in Mumbai, Check it

you will get the location of all WiFi hotspot in Mumbai (provided you have installed Wefi).

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