Fiber Rich Indian food (Best Dietary Fiber foods)

Fiber rich food is having many advantages for good Health and it is essential also. It help to reduce stubborn fat in the body.  It is also good for lowering bad cholesterol, help in preventing diabetes, improve digestion system performance. Fiber rich food is very helpful in stopping constipation problem.

Normally daily requirement for dietary fiber in food is minimum 35-40 gm. There is no upper limit for dietary fiber.

Here is the list of foods available in India (including fruits) that is having high dietary fiber content and it is available in abundant.

1. Chana (chickpea)– Chickpea is very high in Dietary fiber content. It will be more beneficial if you eat it in sprouted form. It is also high in calorie content. You can eat tasty chana masala to get benefit of it.

2. Dalia (broken wheat) – It is having high content of dietary fiber with low calorie.  Dalia Khichdi is tasty recipe made from it.

3. Khajur (Dates)– It is high in many nutrients as well as high in fibre. It is available in all  parts of India at cheap rate. It is much more beneficial to health in comparison to other fruits.

4. Amla fruits – Very high contents of Dietary fiber and Vitamin C. Eating this fruits is difficult, but if you will eat Amla fruits, you need to take other fruits for Vitamin C.

5. Sweet potato (shakarkand) – You can eat it after boiling. It is also high in carbohydrate.

6. Apple– Good source of Soluble Fiber.

6. Pea (Naspati)– It also good source of soluble Fiber.

7. Rajma (Red Kidney beans)– If you eat tasty Rajma Masala, it will give you high amount of Dietary Fiber as well as high calorie.

8. Lentils (Daal)– All types of lentils like, moong, masoor, urad, chana daal is good source of fibre.

9.  Soyabeen– It is also high  in protein and carbohydrate content.

10. Carrot (Gaajar)  – Good source of soluble as well as insoluble Dietary Fiber.

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