External DVD Writer (optical DVD Drive using USB port) Price in India

If your PC or Laptop is having CD drive but not DVD Drive, you can buy External DVD Writer (Optical DVD Drive). Just use this DVD Drive externally by connecting it to your PC or LAPTOP via USB port.

This External DVD drive will require separate power supply.  Using External DVD writer can save a lot of space in your LAPTOP

If you are using NETBOOK (Small LAPTOP) with Intel Atom processor, in most of the cases, your netboook will not have any CD drive of DVD drive. In That case you must have to use external DVD Drive (DVD writer). You can connect it through USB port. To use it, you need not require to install any software. Just plug it and use it.

The price of External DVD Writer in India is Around Rs 2000.

The branded External DVD Drive (DVD Writer) like SAMSUNG or LG comes in the range of Rs 2500.

dvd writer external using USB port

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  1. kunwar says:

    can i use external DvD Writter for format my laptop?

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