Difference between Domain hosting and Domain Registration

Have you ever tried to have a domain of your own name. If you have not tried, try to search domain name here, most probably the name you are searching has already been taken by someone else. This is because of registration cost of domain name is too low ($7 for one year).

Many People are not aware that they can have domain name without any webhost.

Here is the difference between web-hosting and domain name registration

1. Domain name registration is totally independent of web-hosting. Only accredited registrar can register your domain name. $ 7 amount is only for your ownership of your domain name. You can do whatever you want with your domain, nobody will stop you. This is something like you are owner of some land and you can do any thing on your land.

2. If you want to register domain name, register it directly with registrar like godaddy.com or name.com. The other way is through web- host service websites. Just pay the amount, and become the owner of your domain name.

Remember that even if you registered you domain name from a web-host, that Web-host may not be the registrar of your domain.You are not obliged to take web-hosting from that web-host only for your domain.

3.Web-hosting is only for storing your web-page files if you want to make your domain live for world.

4.First get domain name from registrar. If you want to make some content for your domain, you can choose any web-host in the world for making your domain live (To -store your webpage). If you don’t have web-host, you are still owner of your domain but people will not see any thing if they open your domain in browser. whois search will tell people that you are the owner of domain.

5. After choosing web-host you need to change DNS information in your domain control panel (This is for connecting your web content at web-host). If you want to change webhost just change the DNS, that’s it.(In this case you are not changing your registrar).

[If you read Ads something like “Take web-hosting service from here and get x domain free” is not means that you can’t have domain without involving with web-host]

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  1. Shankar says:

    Is there any way that I use my own domain name instead of the current http://bse.blogsome.com/ How to I go about configuring after having my own domain from say godaddy.com

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