Delhi: Find cheap & best rented room for student / job worker

If you are student / employee and want to stay in rented flat / room in Delhi with or without sharing with other student /employee, following are the method, by which you will get best room at low price.

1. First of all you should get the information about current room rent applicable in that area from various source like friends, Facebook or different website.

2. Then try to get contact number of various broker. Generally many vacant rooms informations are available with local broker. Many owner of flats/ room are giving information about vacant room in various websites like, or other real state website like etc. But most of the room owner prefers to use broker service for various reasons.

3. Bargain hard with broker, particularly for those flat/room which is having some disadvantages like difficult access, narrow road to approach, higher floor etc. Never select the room in hurry.

4. Don’t select room with the assumptions that you will not get such and such facilities at other place. Just analyze all with giving much thought and time.

5. Check room thoroughly, check all the facilities, know in full about roommate/flatmate, talk to people who is residing in that area, understand the problems in that area.

6. Know in details about advance payment and paper work for getting room.

If you are having difficulties to find cheap room through broker, you should contact various institutes/coaching center for hostels. They are having information of various hostels where cheap room is available and also cheep food available in canteen.

Keep continue talking to various student/employee about various hostels.

In the above way you will sure get best room at cheap price. Never stop to find better option.

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