Know total number of video uploaded to any Youtube channel

Even if Youtube user has hidden the count display of total number of uploaded videos to any Youtube channel (that should appear on “about page” of Youtube channel), you can know easily the total number of uploaded video to any particular Youtube channel. Not only the count of uploaded video, but also the total number of views for last 30 days for that channel’s videos combined, channel video views rank (among different Youtube channels).

To know the above data, do the following:

1. Find the Youtube channal user name of desired channel. For example,  the Youtube channel has the user name YouTubeHelp. Similarly for any channel, see the URL, whatever you see after /user/ is the user name of that channel. Copy the username of that channel.

2. Open the website and in the box of Youtube username (which is at top right side of web page) paste the username and click on search as shown below.

youtube channel video count

3. You will get the option of different similar name channel if the name is similar to other channels.

4. Click the desired channel, you will get the total number of video uploaded in that channel.

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