Cost of making house in India (General Idea)

If you are planning to construct a simple and good house in your plot in India, here are the rough estimates of cost of construction.

If you want to build a house in 1500 sq feet plot, with 2 floor such that ground floor contain a drawing room, a guest room, Kitchen, bathroom and garage for car and on the first floor 3 numbers of bedroom with some room having attached bathroom and all the material used for construction for house is of decent quality then the cost may range from Rs 20 Lakh (20,00,000 Rs) to Rs 27 Lakh (27,00,000 Rs).

The major portion of cost of construction comes from civil structure, where cement and steel cost is the main component.

The other cost components are type of flooring, wall painting, wood or steel for doors and windows, electrical connection, electrical fixtures, water connection, Bathroom / toilet fixtures garden preparation, decoration etc.

The labor charge is also a large part of cost for construction for house.

With the cost above Rs 20 Lakh you will make a decent and good quality home (not very luxurious type) in around 1500 Sq feet. For area larger or smaller then above area,  the cost of construction will be almost proportional to the area of construction. The cost also depends upon the location, In metro cities the labor cost is much higher in comparison to the smaller cities. ( The above cost is applicable for year 2015)

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