Convert AIRTEL / IDEA normal sim to Micro sim : Don’t change it in shop

If you are having normal size sim (mini sim) card of AIRTEL, IDEA, and your phone require micro sim card, don’t rush to outlets of AIRTEL, IDEA for replacement of your normal sim card to micro sim card, because there is other easy method available.

The replacement of your normal sim into micro sim require submission of document (identity proof, residence proof etc) and it will take some time to activate all facilities of your new micro sim.

The best way is, take your sim to local mobile shop, almost all mobile shop keeps cutter to make normal sim card to micro sim card. Normally shopkeeper will not charge you any money to cut your normal sim into micro sim. Even if they charge, they will take very few rupees.

If in the process of cutting the sim, anything goes wrong, probability of which is very very low, you can easily replace the sim to micro sim at the sim outlet shop by giving identity proof document etc.

Cutting process just removes some outer plastic portion of sim, which is of no use.

After cutting the sim, your sim is ready to fit in the mobile which support micro sim.

If you think that after cutting normal sim to micro sim, you can not use that sim back into that mobile which support normal sim size, you are thinking wrong. Micro sim can also be inserted in those mobile, which support only normal size sim. The only thing you need to buy is the micro to mini sim adapter. This adapter is available in most of the mobile shop for around 50 to 80 Rs. You can also purchase it online.

So in this way, once you convert your mini sim to micro sim by cutting the sim in the shop, you can use that sim in both type of mobile.

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