Computer speed depends on what

Here in this order (with description), component of computer / Laptop affecting the overall speed of the computer / Laptop:

  1. RAM : RAM is one of the most important factor for speed of computer, RAM should always be more than 2 GB. If your computer processor (CPU) is of 32 bit, you can put maximum RAM of 4 GB in your computer. If you want to get benefit of more than 4 GB RAM, you must need to use 64 Bit processor.
  2. Processor (CPU) : Computer speed is also very much dependent on type of Computer Processor (CPU). Your Computer’s Processor should not be of single core. Processor should always be of double core or higher number of core. The clock speed should also be more then 2 GHz for fast performance. Processor should be of 64 bit with large L3 cache value for much higher speed.
  3. Graphics Card: Graphic card is also very important for high speed of computer, it will be effective only for graphical activities in computer, like gaming or watching HD movies etc. Good Graphic Card will help you a lot for speedy performance of computer.
  4. Storage Devices: Type of store device is now also very important after introduction of SSD. If you install SSD (Solid State Drive) storage device instead of HDD (hard disk drive) storage device, you will get much higher speed, your computer will be faster about 40% more. If you are selecting HDD, the rotation speed should be more than or equal 7200 rpm for better speed.
  5. Motherboard: Motherboard is not very much affecting the speed of computer, but low quality Motherboard will definitely slowdown PC, so always use good quality MB. Also you should select the Motherboard which is having USB 3 and Wifi connection provision for very fast data transfer.

Other than component of PC or Laptop following are also causes of slow speed of computer:

  1. Operating System: Operating system is also one reason for slow speed of PC. If you use Linux based operating system like Ubuntu OS, it will be much faster in comparison to Windows PC. Try to use lighter operating system.
  2. Anti-virus: If you use Linux OS, you will not need to run anti-virus, but if you use windows OS, you must need to use anti-virus, Many anti-virus will slowdown PC. You should Optimize anti-virus to use only important function, make it not to check each activities of computer.
  3. Virus and malware: If your PC is having virus or malware, it will sure slowdown your PC. You should regularly scan your PC with good anti-virus for removal of virus and malware.
  4. Junk files and temp files: Last but not least, many junk file and temp file can also make your PC slow, so you should delete the junk files and temporary files. You should keep your computer clean.

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