Chinese Translator: Convert any Chinese Webpage to English by online translator

So you want to read popular Chinese web portals in English language. It is quite easy to translate online any Chinese website to English website by Google translator.

What you need to do is to just copy the URL of the web page and insert in the field of URL at google translator, and set the Google translator to Chinese to English. This will be amzing to see all Chinese content in english language.

Although the conversion of Chinese language to English language is done by machine,  you will find very less grammatical errors. Even if you will find errors, you will be able to understand the content of web page. This amazing service is provided by Google, free of cost and without downloading any software.

Here is the example. suppose you want to read in English. You first go at google translator, paste the url, and set chiense to english translation from drop down box. Click translate button.

The translated page you can see as here. If you navigate the website, all pages will automatically translated into english.

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