Check New Train Time Table from July 2012 (Indian Railway)

New revised Train Time Table is now available. If you  want to know revised time table of your  train ticket that you have purchased before July 2012,  you need to check it at the website of which link is provided below. In most of the situation you will not find scheduled departure time of your train in your ticket if you purchase is before 1st July. Indian railway reschedules its time table once in year in 1st July.

You should not be insured that train time will be same as previous.

Click THIS LINK  to open the website where the updated new time table is given for all trains of Indian Railway.

Once you visit the above website, to check your train new time table, give the train number in the top left corner (where train is written). Then select the drop down menu and select “time table”.

The website will show you the new time table, you can also see the old time table, link is provided for that in red color.

The above website  will not only give starting time of train but also gives full schedule at each stoppage of train. If you are caching the train in the mid way you can also also know the schedule time of arrival of train .

Remember that, the above website will not give you running status of train, it only provides you scheduled time table.

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