Cheapest Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment (hair weaving) in India

If any person starts loosing hair on front side head, no oil, no shampoo, no exercise, no good food will work to stop hair loss.

Only permanent, proved solution is – Hair Transplant treatment. Hair in the front and top of head is lost because it is Genetically hormone susceptible. Hair on the sides and lower back are genetically immune to hormone sensitivity and are genetically programmed to grow a lifetime, it will continue to grow even though it is transplanted to a different site. This is the medical fact, and has been repeatedly proven for more than 50 years.

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant is the only method by which one can grow permanently growing, natural looking, and undetectable hair in the bald or thin area.

It is a 4 to 6 hour treatment. Although it looks very painful at first sight, but actually it is a not painful at all. No bandage or no shaving of hair is required. This surgery is also applicable for eyebrow, eyelash, beard, moustache etc.

What exactly cause Hair Loss- When testosterone levels rises in body, In the scalp, testosterone is converted, by an enzyme called “5-alpha reductase”, to a different androgen called “dihydrotestosterone (DHT).” DHT, more than any other androgen, causes genetically sensitive hair to be lost.

There are two medications that have been proven to slow down Androgenetic Alopecia. Finasteride (Propecia or Proscar) blocks a type of five alpha reductase to decrease the amount of DHT. Minoxidil (Rogaine) seems to work directly on the hair cells and prolongs the growing phase. Medications can slow down the process on a temporary basis but they cannot stop it. Follicular unit hair transplantation, however, can provide a lasting improvement.

Follicular unit is the root from which hair is produced. In Hair transplant, doctor cut a small strip from back side of head , technician then cut the strip into small part, all the small part contains Follicular unit. After that doctor inserts these small Follicular unit in head in desired pattern.

Generally a man required 1000 to 5000 grafting, depending on the amount of hair loss. In USA ( New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago) normally $6 is the cost for one grafting. In India it is around $0.55

There are many placed in India particularly – Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, hyderabad where you can find cheap Hair clinics for baldness treatment.

You should always go to those doctor, who have sufficient experience. you should consult first with doctor.

useful medicine– 1. Finax 1.0 mg (tablet of Finasteride) , 1 tablet daily. Cost is around 4 Rs per tablet.

2. Mintop 2 % (Minoxidil lotion). (cost is around 150 rs)

Using both will at least stop hair fall after one month of use.

Consult doctor before taking medicine

For address of good clinic contact here

Hair Transplant can give back only partial amount hair, and it can not be applicable for those who have large bald area, and the cost is also out of range for many people. In this situation the only treatment available is hair weaving. I know one clinic that have branches in several cities in india, they provide hair weaving in the cost range of 20,000. That weaving technology is too advanced. There is proper arrangement of ventilation, there is no worry for separation of it from head in any situation. There is no harm effect to natural hair. It also blend with natural hair. Its life is more than 6 year, no need for maintenance.

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