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If you are are searching for cheap SEO friendly content writer or copywriter in India, you can get the information from here.

I know more about local freelance content writer here in India.  In India getting quality content is quite cheap as most of writer are good in English and they are well educated. Getting good job in India is quite tough task.

Even if Indian people have job, they may not have sufficient salary to cover the expanses of their life. So even people who are in job are looking for freelance job to earn some more money.

Good content is available at the rate of $ 3 to $ 10 per article. People have plenty of time here in India to write a good content. They will not copy the contents from other source.

If you want to get the the contact number or email ID of Indian copywriter, just comment here.

If you are a good copywriter (content writer ) and if i don’t know you, comment here about yourself, so that other people can know about you and can contact you. You can comment here even if you are freshers and want to earn money for writing.

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  1. Sudha Thangam R says:

    I am interested in content writing and I have 18 months experience in copy editing. My work includes editing the articles with respect to styles, correcting spelling errors, grammatical errors, checking for consistencies, etc.

  2. Sillarum says:

    Please send details of content writers

  3. Shuchi Kalra says:

    Hi. I am a freelance writer based in India with over 2 years of experience. I have done a Masters in English Literature and Linguistics. Any good project offers are welcome. Check out my samples at

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