Change your name at Facebook without any request

Many  people are tying to change  name at facebook in following ways  
1. After login to facebook at top right corner of the page you will get account button, click it.
2. After scrolling down you will get “change name option” with a field, you put your desired name of facebook there
3. After clicking on change name, you will get message that your name will be changed only after review, because they say that they’ll monitor all name changes to make sure people aren’t lying about who they are.
There is more chances that facebook  will never review your name. 

So the best way to change name is  open other facebook account with different e-mail ID with your desired name. Facebook is not at all good compare to Myspace. But in case you don’t want to change your account at facebook, put your original name at name field, it will change immediately, because name change will hold for observation only for odd type of name like King or Spiderman or Rocking Star etc. Try to put that name which is not in English dictionary.

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Comments (14)

  1. Aaron says:

    Funny. That has nothing to do with changing your name. That’s making a new account.

  2. The One says:

    @ above post

    stfu n00b … its not funny..

  3. Anonymous says:

    yeah i agree not funny

  4. Sonia says:

    I am honestly telling you that Really I am sick and tired of Changing my name 🙂 there but finally after reading you I’m Gonna Open Up a New Account Thanks 🙂

  5. spelling wrongly typed while registering parick lawrence insted of patrick lawrence hence i want to correct my spelling of first name

  6. blazey says:

    i agree with #1. what has that to do with name-change???
    i dont want to make a new account. i just want to change my current name. it is either too long or has special signs so facebook automatically dosnt allow them.
    i just wonder how others did it as i saw a lot of ppl having names like: Alicia “Alley Cat” Bauer??????

  7. Dj ph@nta says:

    Changing my name at facebook

  8. sherly-ann says:

    i used my original name at first but facebook rejected i decided to use my other name which it(facebook)accepted.Now i’ve realize that my friends don’t know me by my current name on facebook so i’d like to change it.

  9. baby g says:

    change my name to baby g

  10. facebuk name says:

    dis is how u change it.. read carefully.. well ill jsu show an example… fb waits for review rytttt… well work aroun dit.. it will take a few minz to get ur name perfect…

    ok examplar.. :DDD

    1. Your name is… Jennifer Watson (for arguements sake) and you want it changed too… ermmm…

    you knw wat i cnt be asked ot explain it.. LOL.. am too tired.. but i chanegd my name to h-town patharn n u usally cnt do that…:D LOL.. hahah i knw how to do it and you dont knwwwwwww.. bahahaa hahaha hahaharrr.. LOL.

  11. SLevitt says:

    I changed my name from Sam Levitt to Sam Day and it won,t change!

  12. Anonymous says:

    please change my name

  13. muiz says:

    i am happy with the new name

  14. Jip says:

    If you change account, you lose all connections and stuff.

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