CBSE Open Book Exam System (case study) Explained

Under the New CBSE Open Book Exam System for Class IX, X, XI does not mean that they will allow student to take Book in the exam hall. Here It is the explanation.

  1. For CBSE Class 9th , 10th  and  11th a case study will be given in Nov 2013 for the all Subjects. Student need to study the given “case study” very carefully.
  2. In the final exam of 9th , 10th  and  11th   all question paper  will have two section. First section will have 80% marks and question will be based on the text books. The second section will have 20% marks and the questions will be asked from given “case study”.

This means that if you read “case study” carefully, you can score all marks in case study section easily.

Case Study will change each year for each subject. So the assigned case study is valid only for upcoming 9th , 10th  and  11th CBSE exam.

Case study will be given by School to all students, it is small study material that contains some specific information.

For class 12th initially only Biology, Economics, Geography and a language will have case study section and it will be applicable only for exam held on year 2015.

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