Car, motorcycle & scooter Washing (cleaning) Cost at Garage

Many people waste their time by washing Car, motorcycle & scooter them self. You can get your car or bike washed at garage with washing facility at very low price. Here is the cost for washing:

1. Full Washing of  Car at washing garage: $ 4 (approx) (around Rs 250)

2. Full Washing of  Motorcycle/scooter at washing garage: $ 1 (approx) (around Rs 50)

The quality of wash will be very good, car, motorcycle & scooter will be cleaned by soap and water from all side including bottom. They will also clean inside of the car with dry cloth and vacuum cleaner.

Washing the car and Motorcycle & scooter at regular interval will prevent engine trouble and other problem of vehicle. It will increase the life of vehicle and give good and shining look of vehicle.

The cleaning process in garage is very fast. Many washing garage is providing facility of taking car from your home and bring it back to your home after cleaning.

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