Body Weight ( Fat ) Loss Secret: Drink Honey and Lemon mixed Water

The easiest and proven way to lose body fat (excess weight ) is, when you wake up in the morning, in empty stomach, drink one glass of water, which contains filtered Honey  (one table spoon) one lemon juice (squeeze one lemon in it ).

Water temperature should be more than 37 degree C (body temperature) and should be less than 50 degree C (not too hot).

If you are wandering how it works, here is the reasons.

Lemon and honey in empty stomach attacks on body fat. Honey absorbs the body fat very effectively ( no other common food item can do this). Once body fat get absorbed in honey, it is removed from body with the help of lemon juice. Lemon is having superior cleansing property,

If you drink this water in empty stomach in morning, the available fat for honey to absorb is only body fat. If you drink honey and lemon water after eating food, honey will absorb the fat from the food that you ate.

So, it is necessary that you should not eat or drink any other things for one hour after drinking lemon and honey mixed water.

You should not eat oily foods. Do regular exercise to speed up your weight loss.

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