Bisleri mineral water Vs Aquafina mineral water Review

If you want good quality packaged drinking water in India, the top two brand is- 1st  Bisleri Water and second one is Aquafina mineral water.

Currently  Bisleri Water is having largest market capture in India in packaged drinking water  segment. Bisleri is currently capturing 60 % of market of  packaged drinking water   in India. The large capture in market is due to early entering in this field in India and large advertisement campaign.

Aquafina came later in this field in India. It is the Product of PepsiCo. It has strong Brand name.

Both Bisleri and Aquafina mineral water comes in almost same price range.

If you want to know  the quality of Mineral water, Aquafina water may be of better quality in comparison to  Bisleri. There is possibility that  more advanced technology is used in the production of mineral water by Aquafina because Pepsico is MNC and Aquafina is sold all around the world. Bisleri water is sold mainly in India only. I think test of Aquafina mineral water is better in comparison to Bisleri mineral water.

There are other brand of packaged drinking water in india also, but they are not as much popular as Bisleri mineral Water or Aquafina mineral water. But some have much better quality.

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