Top 10 best Engineering Branch in India- 2013-2014 placement wise

For some of the branch in Engineering, there is very high demand of student in job placement, from companies with much more salary.

You should select the Engineering branch for B.E., B.Tech, M.E. M.Tech or PH.d carefully, because all branches are not same, every branch is having different Job scope.

Other thing to consider while selecting the branch is that comfortability of student in the subjects of that branch.

Here is the current top 10 branchs of India for ENGINEERING courses.

1. Computer Science (CSE)- IT sector is the biggest service sector in India, IT Sector takes student of Computer Science branch in BIG number. IT sector is currently taking largest number of fresh Engineers for job. Salary in IT sector is very high (only if you perform as per expectation from the boss). If you will not study well in B.E. or B.Tech in Computer science, you will face lot of trouble while performing the job, your salary will be lower. You should select this branch only if you are able to dedicate much time in study.

2. Electrical Engineering (EE)- Electrical Engineering is the most favored Core branch for job point of view. There is lot of job opportunity in Core sector in India and demand will  continue in future. The other biggest advantage is that, most of the IT companies  and software companies also select Electrical Engineering students for the post of software engineers. So overall, Electrical engineers have large opportunity  for job in core and well as non-core sector.

3. Mechanical Engineering (ME)– Mechanical Engineering is the best branch if you want to work in the core Engineering sector. There is very high demand in  Core sector for Mechanical Engineers, the demand will rise more in future. Select this branch only if you want to work in core Engineering sector and don’t want to migrate to another sector. The verity of work is very high, Mechanical Engineers are involved in turbine design to robotics for medical operation. There are many specialization within Mechanical Engineering. Salary of Mechanical Engineers  is very high.

4. IT (Information Technology)- This is the new branch in Engineering in India. Many software companies are hiring large number of IT students. The salary may not be as goods as salary of Computer Science Graduates, but there is lot of current job openings available for IT grads. Demand will be more for 8-9 year for sure, nothing can be predicted after that.

5. Electronics Engineering – The number of student taking admission in Electronics Engineering is very high, there is less scope in core sector, but most of the student get absorbed in software companies. But, after M.Tech in Electronics, there are lots of job opportunities available. Salary in core sector is very high for post graduates.

6. Civil Engineering– Job opportunity of Civil Engineers have got increase in recent years, because of number of student taking admission in civil engineering is very less, so  fresh civil engineers get  the job in core branch easily. IT sector normally don’t takes civil engineers.

7. Chemical Engineering- The job opportunity  for chemical engineer is limited to core sector only. The syllabus for Chemical Engineering is mostly mixture of other branch, it does not provide much value addition.  Most of the software companies don’t take chemical engineers. For better opportunity graduates in Chemical Engineering should try for M.Tech or Ph.D.

8. Industrial Engineering- Some part of Syllabus of Industrial Engineering  matches with Mechanical Engineering. Job opportunity is not very high. For better opportunity best option is to do MBA from reputed collage after graduation. The second best option is to go for M.Tech for better job scope.

9. Petroleum Engineering- There are only few institute which offers engineering course in Petroleum Engineering. It is good branch, if you want to work in core sector (petroleum related), there is opportunity from abroad also.

10. Automobile Engineering- Take this branch only if you are interested in automobile, if you study well with interest, you will get good job in Automobile industry, otherwise getting job may be difficult.

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