Best business options in India without investing money

India is very complex country. If you are smart, you can make good income from business in India without investing too much money.
Here is the list of options
1. Teaching (Coaching) – You can become tutor and earn money. Here in India, there is very high demand of quality teacher, if you are expert in some field, you can become good teacher. Open a coaching center and earn money. Another option is that open a coaching center and hire the quality teacher, market you coaching center and get lots of student and earn profit.

2. Open Job Service Provider– You can open an agency for contract labor or data entry operator. You hire some labor or data entry operator and search for tender for that type of job at different organization, provide the service to the organization from your agency and earn the profit.

3. Wholesaler agency- Become a Wholesaler for certain items like food, grocery, vegetable etc. and make good reputation with resellers, and make profit.

4. Travel agent- Become travel agent in India for flight ticket booking, bus ticket booking, taxi booking, hotel booking etc.  You will get lot of money as commission.

5. Insurance agent- if you good at communication skill, become insurance agent, it is of the best way to earn money (passive income), there are many type of insurance plan, like, life insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance, child education insurance, pension scheme etc. Make more and more people subscribe to insurance plan through you, and earn commission income for all the premium paid by customer in future.

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