Best way to backup your Mobile contact numbers to your Email (with name included)

If you want to save all the contact number of your mobile phone  in Single Click in email, you can do it easily.

Here is the way.

Case 1- (For basic mobile handset) If you are using a basic mobile hand set which is not connected to any PC, transfer all contact details to SIM. Copying all contact to SIM card  option is given in almost all basic mobile phone. Remove the SIM Card and insert the SIM card in that mobile handset, which connect with PC and having contact manager facility. All android based mobile is having contact Manager software. After that proceed to Case -2.

Case 2- It is assumed that your mobile hand set is connecting with PC or laptop. PC and Laptop is having Contact Manager software. If you are using  Android mobile, copy all contact details of SIM card to your mobile handset.

Connect the mobile with PC or laptop. Open contact manager software in your PC (for your mobile handset). Export the Contact number in CSV or vCard format. Save the exported CSV or vCard file in Laptop or PC.

Now open the on the laptop or PC. Login into it. In the Left site of the Gmail,  you will see “Import contact details” and import the CSV or vCard file that you have saved.

Its done.. More details about Gmail Contact manager is here

If you want to use the saved contact number of Gmail, just export the contact details and using contact manager software for your handset, you can import the file and restore all the number in same hand set or insert all contact details in other handset.

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