Air Conditioner (AC) power consumption in KWH (unit) of 1T capacity

If you are installing air conditioner in your home, you must get ready for high electricity bill. Air conditioner is one of the top power consuming electrical appliance used in home.

If you install one Ton ( 1T ) capacity Air conditioner in your room, and if it will work at full capacity. i.e. when outer atmosphere temperature is really high, the power consumption will be around 1.7 KWH. It means that if you run your AC for one hour with full capacity you will cost 1.7 unit of electricity. If electricity unit cost in your area is Rs 5 per unit. Your total cost of running AC for one hour will come around Rs 9 per hour. For 24 hour using AC it will cost around 216 Rs.

This the the main reason why AC room is costlier in any hotel by substantial amount.

To save power, you need to reduce load of AC, Load of AC can be decreased by proper insulation of room, close all doors and windows properly.

If you run 2 ton AC, the power consumption rate will also get around doubled of above value.

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