Aadhaar Card format : Adhaar Number Format : EID Format

Aadhaar Number and Enrollment number for Aadhaar is not same. Here is the difference and the format details.

Once you submit the application at Aadhaar enrollment center, they will capture your biometric information and at end of process they will give you Acknowledgment slip on the spot. In which you can see the Enrollment information.

The Enrollment number is given in following number format

Enrolment No. – 1234/12345/12345

Date- time- DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS

You have to keep record of both Enrollment No. and date & time to download Aadhaar card online.

EID (Enrolment ID) No is in the format of combining Enrollment No. and date & time = 12341234512345DDMMYYYYHHMMSS

Once you get Enrolled, after few days (6-7 days), you can get the Aadhaar Number.

The format of Aadhaar Number is- 1234 1234 1234  (12 digit number).

Aadhaar Card format:

In Aadhaar Card you will see

1. Enrolment No. (Not date and time information)

2. Name

3. Address

4. Aadhaar Number

5. Year of Birth

6. Gender

7. Your photograph.

If you have Enrollment No. and date & time you can Download the Aadhaar card in PDF format here

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