Aadhaar card (e-aadhaar) misuse for fake Bank Account opening

All know that only Aadhaar card ( or e-aadhaar) is enough for opening bank account as only Aadhaar card is enough as ID and address proof.

All those people who are having Aadhaar number are vulnerable  for his/her identity theft in the form of fake aadhaar card using his/her aadhaar number made by other person for illegal purpose.

There is serious problem with Aadhaar card. Any one can make duplicate pdf copy of Aadhaar, they may change photo, address etc easily and make new fake e-adhaar that can be used to open fake bank account ( possible only if  bank manger is corrupt or bank is not having e-kyc checking facility).

To protect people from identity theft, gov of India should make instruction that print out of aadhar card or hard copy of adhaar card should not be used as identity proof or address proof for any purpose ( for traveling, for bank account opening or any other transaction).

Adhaar should only to be used with only 12 digit number with real time biometric authentication.  The print out or photo copy of Aadhaar card should be banned for using for any purpose.

All transaction record or authentication record for any aadhaar should be available to view for aadhaar holder online.

All bank account should be compulsorily linked to aadhaar number of account holder and adhaar holder should be able to view all bank accounts linked to his Aadhaar number, so that he can be insured that their is no misuse happened of their aadhaar number.

All new bank account must be linked to adhaar number at opening time itself and aadhaar holder should get information of any new bank linking information to their mobile using sms.

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