5 best features of Smart TV that worth extra cost

If you buy Smart TV following are exclusive feature of Smart TV that really worth the extra cost in comparison to normal HD TV.

1: Watch YouTube Video Online in TV: Believe it or not, this is one of the best feature of smart TV. In all smart TV, YouTube apps is available, now there are many YouTube video  available is HD quality. Even if you don’t have HD channel set top box, you can watch HD content from YouTube.

You can not control the content of TV channel, but if YouTube is available in your TV, you will definitely enjoy watching video of your choice in YouTube in big screen in HD quality.

If your TV is not smart TV, you will need to first download the YouTube video in your computer and then after putting it in USB drive you can watch it in TV, it will be a very time consuming.

2. View/Play mobile and Tab content: Your smart TV will be connected by your home Wi-Fi network. If your mobile or tab is also connected by same Wi-Fi network, you can view all images of tab or mobile in TV directly from mobile or tab by dragging the image. You can also play video/audio content of your mobile/tab into your smart TV directly from your mobile or tab by dragging the content.

If you are playing youtube video in your mobile/tab, you can watch the same video in your smart TV by just dragging the video in your mobile/tab.

3. Web Surfing: Full Web Browser is available in smart TV,  you can surf the web whenever you want. For fast surfing you can bookmark many websites.

4.  TV software update :Just like mobile/ tab software update, TV system software will also get updated regularly. If any problem come, it will be possible for service center to view and repair the problem of smart TV remotely using internet connection.

5. Install different apps on TV: You can install and use many apps in TV similar to mobile and TV. some apps continuously run and give information during normal TV watching, like some apps will show news headlines in bottom of TV, even if you watch any TV channel.  Some TV channel can be viewed online by using apps.

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