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Get admission in IIN and courses details : Truth (Idea Internet Network)

If you have seen the TV ad of “Idea Internet network” about IIN (Idea Internet Network) and want to get admission into it or want to know the courses offered by IIN, basically you should understand the advertisement is very misleading. There is no actual university or institute called “Idea Internet Network” ( IIN ) […]

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High Capacity Mobile Battery: Disadvantages of using it

If you are selecting equal or more than 3000 mAh high capacity battery as must be criteria  for new mobile to purchase, you are wrong. There are many disadvantages associated with high capacity battery for mobile. Here is the list 1. Weight– Mobile with high capacity battery is generally heavy in weight. For long term […]

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Use and Benefit of Chronograph Watches

The only extra feature of Chronograph Watches from normal watch is that it can act as stop watch also. In most of mobile, stop watch facility is available. The same stop watch function is performed by Chronograph Watches in addition of showing normal time. Using stop watch feature in wrist watch is very handy, you […]

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Most profitable business in India in low budget

If you have limited budget of around Rs 50,000 (50 thousand) to Rs 2,00,000 (2 lakh), you have large opportunity to start business in India and earn lot of money even if you are not over qualified or skilled. You don’t require to work yourself in most of business. The population of India is huge, […]

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Best Engine Oil (Lube oil) for Honda Activa & Honda Dio Scooter

You must be very careful while selecting Engine Oil (Lube oil) for Honda Activa & Honda Dio if you are changing it. The Best performing Engine Oil (Lube oil) specification for Honda Activa & Honda Dio  is SAE 10W30 JASO MB.  The above specification of oil is recommended by Honda website for Scooter (Scootee).  There […]

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Maruti Celerio Automatic Car : How to manage Clutch Operation

In Maruti Celerio Car which has Automatic transmission facility (AMT), there is no clutch pedal for driver, but there is clutch mechanism in the car which engages and disengages by internal mechanism, automatically by using various signals. In following situation, clutch will disengages from the flywheel in Maruti Celerio Car 1. When changing gear : […]

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