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Best Engine Oil (Lube oil) for Honda Activa & Honda Dio Scooter

You must be very careful while selecting Engine Oil (Lube oil) for Honda Activa & Honda Dio if you are changing it. The Best performing Engine Oil (Lube oil) specification for Honda Activa & Honda Dio  is SAE 10W30 JASO MB.  The above specification of oil is recommended by Honda website for Scooter (Scootee).  There […]

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Maruti Celerio Automatic Car : How to manage Clutch Operation

In Maruti Celerio Car which has Automatic transmission facility (AMT), there is no clutch pedal for driver, but there is clutch mechanism in the car which engages and disengages by internal mechanism, automatically by using various signals. In following situation, clutch will disengages from the flywheel in Maruti Celerio Car 1. When changing gear : […]

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Ideal Accelerator Position while Changing Gear in Car or Bike

There is not much co-relation between accelerator throttle position and gear changing, but for better life of clutch plate, following rule for accelerator operation should be followed while changing gear, it will increase the life of engine as well as the life of clutch plate. If you release clutch slowly all the time, it will […]

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Convert AIRTEL / IDEA normal sim to Micro sim : Don’t change it in shop

If you are having normal size sim (mini sim) card of AIRTEL, IDEA, and your phone require micro sim card, don’t rush to outlets of AIRTEL, IDEA for replacement of your normal sim card to micro sim card, because there is other easy method available. The replacement of your normal sim into micro sim require […]

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Cost of making house in India (General Idea)

If you are planning to construct a simple and good house in your plot in India, here are the rough estimates of cost of construction. If you want to build a house in 1500 sq feet plot, with 2 floor such that ground floor contain a drawing room, a guest room, Kitchen, bathroom and garage […]

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Connect internet in Tablet (TAB) from other mobile

If you are having TAB (Tablet Computer) without SIM card support, you can still run internet in the TAB by using internet connection from the other mobile. The other mobile can connect to internet by 2G, 3G or 4G network. The above type of TAB uses only Wi-Fi signal to connect to Internet. The only […]

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