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Print (make pdf) train ticket from IRCTC on Android Mobile

April 13, 2014

If you are booking train ticket from Android mobile or already booked your ticket, and you want to get pdf copy of you ticket, it can be done easily. First you need to install Firefox browser App in your Android mobile. This Firefox app is having capability to save any webpage in PDF format and […]

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BPSC next exam (56-57th) Combined Examination in 2014 expected

February 28, 2014

Advertisement of BPSC Common Combined (Pre) Competitive Examination (56th-57th) will most probably come in 2014 (this year). As you know, final result of 53rd-55th BPSC Common Combined Competitive Examination published on Aug 2013. So there is enough time gap now for next BPSC exam.

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Backup & save all Mobile contacts in Gmail Contact easily

February 23, 2014

You can keep all your mobile contact safely in your gmail,  so that in case you lose your mobile or purchase new mobile, you can easily get all contacts back into new mobile. There are many chances that you can lose all contacts in your mobile due to software problem or resetting mobile to factory […]

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Long battery Life Android Mobiles under Rs 15000 price in India

January 20, 2014

The one of the most important feature of android mobile that you should look while buying is BATTERY LIFE. Because, even if you buy very good mobile with very good performance, big screen size, good looks etc, If battery life is low, you can not enjoy the mobile for long period. Battery will get drain […]

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Hide photo and text in android mobile with password

December 25, 2013

The best free  App for android mobile for hiding photos and text with password is private diary App. This App  functions like a basic diary. You can work in it offline also. All the data in this diary is only visible after filling correct password.

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Online Vs Offline exam option comparison of JEE 2014

December 22, 2013

If you want to score more in JEE 2014, you should select Online exam option of JEE 2014. advantage of online option:

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