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AMIE degree benefit (equivalent to bachelors of Engineering for many gov job)

If somehow you missed to get enrolled in regular engineering college and if you want to get engineering degree (equivalent) without attending the class (you may be doing job or other activities) then AMIE is best option for you in India. If you  pass  sec A and sec B exam of AMIE, then you will […]

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How to reduce sleeping time with Yoga / Meditation (Dhyan)

You can reduce your sleeping hour by 2 to 3 hour by intense Meditation (Dhyan). The minimum time for Meditation (Dhyan) is 15 minute. Many people are not able to do Meditation in correct way, you can only become master in Meditation by getting training of Meditation by reputed yoga professional. Even after training, you […]

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How to find Pandit for Puja in your home

If you are planning a Puja in your home, and want a good Pandit to perform the Puja, there are many Pandit available to do puja. The easiest way to get Pandit for your Puja in home is just go to nearby Temple (Mandir), you will find many Pandits in Mandir. They are normally ready […]

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Delhi: Find cheap & best rented room for student / job worker

If you are student / employee and want to stay in rented flat / room in Delhi with or without sharing with other student /employee, following are the method, by which you will get best room at low price. 1. First of all you should get the information about current room rent applicable in that […]

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Learn car driving in India by your mobile

If you want to learn car driving in India without any cost, you first start practicing car driving in your mobile through various Apps. If you are using android mobile, there are many car parking game available, many games are free to download and install. You can use car parking game in your mobile as […]

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Computer speed depends on what

Here in this order (with description), component of computer / Laptop affecting the overall speed of the computer / Laptop: RAM : RAM is one of the most important factor for speed of computer, RAM should always be more than 2 GB. If your computer processor (CPU) is of 32 bit, you can put maximum […]

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