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Check Jio 4G signal at any place : No SIM card required (Jio Sim Card)

If you have any mobile set which support 4G network, you can check whether or not 4G signal of Reliance Jio network is available at your place or home by using your mobile handset with any other sim card. To check availability and coverage of 4G network at your place following are the method. (this […]

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Black spots (cloudy screen) on LCD or LED TV / Monitor solution

If your LCD / LED TV are having  black cloudy spots, the problem is coming due to dust ingress inside the panel of LCD / LED TV or monitor most probably. The defective TV clouds may looks like as below: Normally TV Monitors are perfectly seal tight, so ingress of dust inside panel is very […]

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Window AC is more reliable than Split AC, Know why

If you want to compare Window AC vs Split AC, you will find that window AC requires less maintenance than Split AC. Overall you will find that Window AC is much better than split AC. Here are the reasons: why Window AC is better choice: 1. In Window AC ( air conditioner) there is no […]

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Schengen Visa Application process in India : Step by Step Guide

If you are Indian and want to travel to any one or more of France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Italy or some other European country, you need to get Schengen Visa (common visa for agreed European countries). Suppose you primary destination is France, you can submit application form at any one of the cities: Mumbai […]

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Railway Ticket Collector Salary ( TC / TTE of train) in 2016

In Indian railway, TC (Ticket Collector)  and  TTE ( Traveling Ticket Examiner) are recruited as Group C ( non gazetted) Central Government employees. They are equivalent to clerk level employees. Minimum qualification for the job is 10+2 with more than 50% marks.  For fresh TTC / TC, salary will be generally set as basic pay- […]

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Number of Facebook users in India in 2016

There are approximately 15 Crore (150,000,000) people ( 12% of total population of India) are having Facebook account in India as on year 2016. This data is taken from various website sources, it may  be different from actual data. It is only a rough estimation. Daily, approximately  1.8 Crore (18,000,000) Indian People check their Facebook account.  […]

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