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Reliance Jio 4G tariff plans (Data Plan)

Reliance Jio 4G plan (4G network is having data download speed of around 10-12 Mbps) is expected to cover your area. Reliance Jio 4G network is expected to cover most of the Indian cities and villages. To get the customer fast, it is expected that, Reliance Jio 4g tariff plans will be cheaper in comparison […]

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how to reset SBI ATM PIN online if forget the PIN

If anyhow you forget the PIN of your SBI atm card/debit card, there is no need to worry, you can reset your PIN of SBI atm/debit card by your online SBI banking account. But, one thing you should know that resetting the PIN will cost you Rs 50/Rs 51 (it may change in time), that […]

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Convert micro/regular sim to NANO sim for Airtel / Idea / Vodafone

Never try to cut your regular/micro sim card to get nano sim card. Metal part dimension of regular/micro sim card may not be same for nano sim card. You can easily replace your existing Airtel/ Idea/ Vodafone regular/micro sim card to nano sim card for nominal charge ( something around Rs 100) or free in […]

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Know total number of video uploaded to any Youtube channel

Even if Youtube user has hidden the count display of total number of uploaded videos to any Youtube channel (that should appear on “about page” of Youtube channel), you can know easily the total number of uploaded video to any particular Youtube channel. Not only the count of uploaded video, but also the total number […]

Continue Reading » : Apps to use Facebook & Wikipedia Free in reliance SIM

If you want to use Facebook, Wikipedia in your mobile unlimited free of cost (without any data transfer cost) and if you are Indian and using Reliance Communication (RCOM) SIM card, you can do it by installing App (available in Google Play store), which is made by facebook. If you are prepaid or post […]

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AMIE degree benefit (equivalent to bachelors of Engineering for many gov job)

If somehow you missed to get enrolled in regular engineering college and if you want to get engineering degree (equivalent) without attending the class (you may be doing job or other activities) then AMIE is best option for you in India. If you  pass  sec A and sec B exam of AMIE, then you will […]

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