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Find Train Coach position (bogie) & Platform Number online

If you want to find the bogie Position (Coach Position) of Indian railway train at any station, the official information for coach position is available online from before 2-3 hour of running of train at official website of Indian railway at the link You just need to provide the PNR number. Here is the […]

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Minimum typing speed for SSC Skill test in Stenography

There are two stage of Skill test in SSC exam for stenographer: In first  stage candidate are required to write down the Speech. Someone will read the written text at the speed of 100 word per minute (w.p.m) for Hindi/English for  10 minute, i.e. he will speak 1000 word  in 10 minute,

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Top 3 best Window AC (1 Ton) in India – Review & Price

If you select the best performing Window AC, it can be better choice than Split AC. If room size is small to medium, 1 Ton Window AC is sufficient to cool enough the room without continuous loading. Window Air Conditioner is having flexibility to move to other room or other house without much cost and […]

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Print (make pdf) train ticket from IRCTC on Android Mobile

If you are booking train ticket from Android mobile or already booked your ticket, and you want to get pdf copy of you ticket, it can be done easily. First you need to install Firefox browser App in your Android mobile. This Firefox app is having capability to save any webpage in PDF format and […]

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BPSC next exam (56-57th) Combined Examination in 2014 expected

Advertisement of BPSC Common Combined (Pre) Competitive Examination (56th-57th) will most probably come in 2014 (this year). As you know, final result of 53rd-55th BPSC Common Combined Competitive Examination published on Aug 2013. So there is enough time gap now for next BPSC exam.

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Backup & save all Mobile contacts in Gmail Contact easily

You can keep all your mobile contact safely in your gmail,  so that in case you lose your mobile or purchase new mobile, you can easily get all contacts back into new mobile. There are many chances that you can lose all contacts in your mobile due to software problem or resetting mobile to factory […]

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