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Ants can damage Hard Drive (HDD)

If you think that hardrive will not be attacked by Ants because there is no food for Ant, you are wrong. Ant not only attack certain things for food, but Ants also attack some other things to make colony for themselves. Ants want some warm place to make their colony which is  suitable environment for […]

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Download H C Verma Concept of Physics not Possible

If you are trying to download the Popular Physics book – Concept of Physics by H C Verma part-1 and part-2 in PDF copy, you will never get it anywhere in  any website to download the whole book in free of cost. If you download every thing that other website are providing in the link […]

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Indian Government offfice holiday calender- 2015 (List with date)

Here is the list of holidays with date and day information for the year 2015, applicable for various Indian Government offices. Unrestricted holidays list (On all below holiday dates, office will most probably will be closed) Sr. No. Holiday Date Day 1 Eid 04-01-2015 Sunday 2 Republic Day 26-01-2015 Monday 3 Holi 06-03-2015 Friday 4 […]

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Cost of Hair Transplant treatment in India

If you are planning for hair transplant treatment in India, the cost will normally start from Rs 80,000 (around $1300). The total cost depends on many other factor. The cost may goes  upto Rs 3 Lakh- 4 lakh (around $ 6600) in very reputed clinic in India if you select costly method as well as […]

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OBC Certificate – Check validity for correct format

There are many people in India who are using wrong format of OBC certificate for gov jobs, because of using wrong format they are unable to use the advantage of reservation for OBC. There are many level on which you can make OBC certificate. here it is. You can make OBC certificate at your block […]

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Make Google News in Hindi by default in Android

If you have android mobile, the best way to browse website in Android is by using chrome web browser, which is available for download as Apps for android mobile. Here i will explain you how to make change in setting in Google page so that whenever you open Google news in your browser through bookmark, […]

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